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The "more than human" podcast. Cultivating perspectives on Society and Culture across environments and landscapes around the world! Become a supporter of the show #outdoors #nature #adventure #education #ecology #Friluftsliv #philosophy

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    Nature Connection, Consciousness, Spirituality & Indigenous Knowledge w/ Graham Ellis-Smith


    Graham Ellis-Smith has provided services in a range of areas concerning Aboriginal people, culture and economic development for over 25 years. Graham's work has focused on employment and enterprise development, intercultural and environmental education (2 Way), access to and management of land; and culturally aligned and appropriate healing processes for physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. In this episode we dig deep into Graham's life and experience perspectives on indigeneity, spirituality and universality throughout all aspects of his work. Plus check out my new song ‘Midnight Sun’, from my solo musical project BoTik. This is the newest single from the album ''Songs At The End of the World'' coming out October 2021. The album addresses, amongst other topics, existential environmental issues.  For more info and the link to listen, visit Visit for more info on the podcast, blog, writing services, and how you can become a supporter of the show. Follow on @Transnatualpod on Twitter / Facebook / Instagram / Youtube/  Medium. 00:00:00 Welcome Back! Season 2!New Music! 00:05:00 Getting to know Graham and his local landscape 00:10:00 An Authentic Outdoor Education:Growing up with the Australian Bush as Playground 00:19:10 Connection consciousness, Indigeneity & Spirituality 00:27:30 Fundamental truths expressed through nature & shared indigenous origins 00:31:28 The Life Cycle: parallels across peoples and outdoor programs 00:42:30 Aboriginal Elders and Quantum Physics 00:43:45 Facilitating open spaces to talk about ‘strange’, ‘supernatural’ and otherwise spiritual experiences 00:50:20 Graham’s introduction into Aborigianal society 00:55:32 Acceptance and Responsibility to the land 00:57:40 Why have we forgotten about out connections with nature 01:03:32 How are we remembering who we are? 01:06:00 Outdoor Programs :‘Slowing down’ & being ‘’present’’ into 01:15:00 Mindfulness: Negotiating our Past and future while remaining in the present 01:22:00 Aboriginal Teachers on destroying the earth, destroying ourselves 01:24:52 Re(Creation): What are we re-creating when engaging in recreation? 01:34:00 Awareness: Falling asleep Collectively, Waking up individually 01:36:45 Take the opportunity to provide triggers, sew seeds, and build bridges 01:39:50 Closing Reflections 01:43:00 Song: “Midnight Sun” by BoTik --- Send in a voice message:
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    Class Dismissed: Let's Diversify Community Sourced Education!


    Live from THE PARK! Big thanks to everyone for tuning in, listening up and speaking out during this first season of the Transnatural Perspectives Podcast. The journey has just begun but I wanted to take a moment to reflect on the past season. It's be great and it's also been a ton of work behind the scenes (and maybe on our brains too!) and some critical distance is in order to recharge and marinate with some really expansive ideas on the horizon! In this episode I discuss Oslo Parks, Podcast Origins, Shout out to teachers, evolving perspectives on community based education and, of course, my top 17 episodes of the season. While we break, I hope you have time to enjoy yourself and catch up on all of our previous episodes while you're at it! Please Share, Subscribe & Support this podcast! Visit for more info on the podcast, blog, writing services, and how you can become a supporter of the show. Follow on @Transnatualpod on Twitter / Facebook / Instagram / Youtube/  Medium. Music by Fazerklang SFX: 00:01:44 Oslo Parks 00:03:48 Origins of the Podcast 00:06:38 Taking a podcast break 00:07:59 We all have the ability to educate 00:10:42 Same Planet...Different Worlds 00:12:30 Teaching! Hollywood production...without the support! 00:15:11 Diversified Community Based Education 00:17:15 My top 17 episodes: Thank yous and brief summaries 00:35:48 Closing Reflections --- Send in a voice message:
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  • Transnatural Perspectives Podcast podcast

    Speaking Through Coal: The Art of Appalachian Fatalism, Resource Extraction and Electracy w/ Ernie Roby-Tomic


    In this new episode we hear from Artist and Researcher Ernie Roby-Tomic  in the wake of his recently released, online exhibition *Exposing Coal  Seams and Appalachian Fatalism with Digital Apparatuses* published in  the (online) Nordic Journal for Artistic Research. Ernie Roby-Tomic is a  multimedia artist and researcher who uses, among many mediums and  methods, music, poetry, archival research, video game design, GIS and 3D  printing via the paradigms of Electracy and Verticality to tell the  stories of resource extraction of rural coal country culture in West  Virginia in the United states.     The view the exhibit visit:    Visit for more info about Ernie's work     Visit for more info on the podcast,  blog, writing services, and how you can become a supporter of the show.      Follow on @Transnatualpod on Twitter / Facebook / Instagram / Youtube/  Medium.     Please Share, Subscribe & Support!     Music by Fazerklang SFX:    TIMESTAMPS:   00:00:00 Introduction (Listen! Share! Subscribe! Donate! Enjoy!)  00:05:00 All about balkan brass music and the Guca festival in Serbia  00:10:00 How we know each others, Florida and The Moonbus Fesitval  00:15.:00 Ernie's Art, Sleep Science and Labor movements in Late Capitalist Society  00:19:15 Reclamation: Exhibition on Resource extraction culture in Appalachia  00:24:00 Growing up in an Appalachian Coal mining culture  00:26:00 History of the Appalachian mountains and Coal mining  00:29:30 Politicization of the Coal Industry  00:36:20 Influence of Black Lung Disease and Japanese Video Games  00:44:20 Mining for Data recreating coal mining maps  00:56:00 Theory of Electracy, Heuristics & Talking through the bodies of miners  01:08:45 Walking us through the Exhibition Landscape  01:18:00 Redneck activism and Politics role in Coal Country  01:28:00 The Green Bank Observatory: Themes of paradox and verticality at the intersection of environment, society and industry.  01:34:45 Connection and reclamation through technology and familial relations  01:37:45 Appalachian Fatalism: The coal cycle, Disaster Ballads and Feminist Critique   01:55:00 Energy Extraction: Performance Project on the Sago Mine disaster, Doom Tubas and Sleep  02:08:00 Are you making Electracy?  02:11:00 Final Reflections --- Send in a voice message:
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    Experiential Education: Foster Care & Roma Communities in Hungary w/ Árpád Bárnai


    Árpád Bárnai is the director of the Academy of Experience in Budapest. The Academy supports local youth in foster care programs and Roma communities through offering Outdoor and Experiential Education workshops, activities, and other community-building exchange opportunities. Learn more about Árpád's work with the Academy of Experience here Listen to Árpád's "Source" Podcast Visit for more info on this podcast, blog, writing services, and how you can become a $upporter of the show. Follow on @Transnatualpod on Twitter / Facebook / Instagram / Youtube/ Medium. Please Share, Subscribe & Support! Music by Fazerklang SFX:  In this episode (in this order)  00:00:00 Episode Opener 00:02:18 Introducing Arpad Barnai 00:05:50 Environment in Budapest, Hungary 00:12:20 Growing up in Hungary, nature connections, Grandma’s Village 00:18:45 The phenomenon of place based exploration vs charismatic mega experiences 00:20:35 Nature Connection & Ecological Consciousness in Hugarian Culture 00:25:45 Ecological issues in Hungary 00:29:00 Arpad’s work with Experiential Education at the Academy of Experience 00:39:25 Circumstances of Roma Communities & Experiential Education programs with Roma Youth in Budapest 00:48:35 The value of volunteering, exchange and creating a new community in a new place 00:54:50 The power of the facilitator 01:08:15 Societal oppostion, support and the role of discrimination encountered 01:12:45 The future of Social work and Environmental Experiential Learning 01:14:40 Arpad’s Podcast “The Source” & The Power of Discussion and Long form conversation 01:22:00 Closing Reflections --- Send in a voice message:
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    Ecofeminism, Surfing & Leisure Culture w/ Dr. Rebecca Olive


    Dr. Rebecca Olive is a Senior Research Fellow in the School of Human Movement and Nutrition Sciences at the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia. Her feminist cultural studies research has focused on women’s experiences surfing and issues of localism, in the water and on social media. Her work focuses on issues of equity and diversity in action/lifestyle sports and cultures.  Learn more about Dr. Olive's work at Visit for more info on the podcast, blog, writing services, and how you can become a supporter of the show.  Follow on @Transnatualpod on Twitter / Facebook / Instagram / Youtube/ Medium. Please Share, Subscribe & Support! Music by Fazerklang SFX: Timestamps Introduction 00:04:00 Interview start and Dr. Olive’s amazing writing 00:05:20 Researching nature-based sports and the politics within Surfing, Sex & Gender politics 00:09:20 Place-based research:  Why Surfing? Why the Sea’? 00:14:10 Best and worst of Surfing: The culture doesn’t always do justice to what activities have to offer. 00:15:20 Localism and Exclusivity in Activity 00:19:35 Loving and researching problematic issues 00:22:55 Research Method: “Thinking the Social through the Self”f, auto/ethnography, Shared experience & Knowledge. 00:24:50 Issues in Accessibility & learning to surf 00:35:10 That “Aha moment” that lead to an interest in the localist culture & politics around surfing 00:40:15  Living with Sharks and understanding one's place in the environment and limitations. 00:54:24 Humans/Nature: Roller skiing in Norway, National identity and Climate Change 00:59:05 Feminism and Ecofeminism 01:04:23 Understanding misconceptions of Feminism 01:09:03 Critiques of Ecofeminism 01:10:32 Gendering and Feminisation of Nature 01:14:00 Gender as a starting point for Rethinking the Politics & Ethics of our societal  relationships 01:15:45 Appreciating the nature of one’s place 01:24:13 The importance of Sport & Leisure in achieving Social and Ecological sustainability and Systemic Change 01:32:30 Moving Oceans and more work from Dr. Olive 01:33:39 Closing Reflections --- Send in a voice message:
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    Ecological Economics w/ Dr. Ove Daniel Jakobsen


    Dr. Ove Daniel Jakobsen is a Researcher and Professor of Ecological Economics at Nord University in the Arctic town of Bodø, Norway. Ove has dedicated his life to the study of Ecological economics and has written many books on the topic including his latest, Anarchism and Ecological economics. Ecological Economics takes a Transdisciplinary approach to the topic of economics that connects Ecology, Sociology and Culture while taking a holistic, decentralized, community lead, bottom-up approach in designing a more sustainable economy for both humans and the inhabitants of more than the human world. Please contact the show with your questions and thoughts via More on Dr. Jakobsen's work, books and contact information at Visit for more info on the podcast, our blog and writing offers, and how you can become a monthly supporter or donor to the show. Follow on @Transnatualpod on Twitter / Facebook / Instagram / Medium Please Share, Subscribe & Support! Time Stamps 00:04:29 A Transdisciplinary Study: Ecology, Sociology and Culture 00:07:49 Integrating Utopian Dialogue in Business and Education 00:13:00 Ecological Economics: A bottom up approach consisting of decentralized cooperative networks 00:14:50 What does ‘’The Good Life’’ look like in real life? 00:17:50Connecting nature, Individual development and Systems change 00:21:10In practice: Transition Towns in England 00:28:30 Demystifying the term UTOPIA 00:30:30 Why Greenwashing and Harm Reduction is problematic 00:32:45 Changing From Economic Growth to Green Growth 00:34:45 Why Growth? 00:37:00 The role of optimism: Start talking about what we SHOULD be doing TO develop! 00:40:45 From Crushing Capitalism to Eco Anarchism 00:48:00 Ove’s Book Anarchism and Ecological Economics More information: Introduction to Ecological Economics w/ Dr. Jakobsen (in English): --- Send in a voice message:
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    The Life Cycle: Travel Writing as Environmental Activism w/ Dr. Kate Rawles


    Dr. Kate Rawles is an Outdoor Philosopher, Writer, Cyclist and activist who is using her love for epic journeys to communicate on environmental issues. Her upcoming book, The Life Cycle, sets our focus on Biodiversity as she bikes from Costa Rica to the southern tip of South American. Kate Joins us from here home in Northern England to discuss everything from what she left academia become a full time Environmental Activist and Travel writer! For more information about the Adventures of Dr. Kate Rawles and her writings visit her website or find her on Twitter @CarbonCycleKate For all show info, blog articles, and other information visit Please Share, Subscribe & consider donating to the show via Patreon:  One time or Custom Donation:  Follow on Twitter / Facebook / Medium @TRANSNATURALPOD / Youtube Music by Fazerklang SFX: Time Stamps 00:00:00 Pre-Show Notes 00:04:00 The Life Challenge of balancing Academia and Activism 00:06:15 Evolving Awareness of Existential issue sin the World of Adventure 00:08:37 How Tradition Adventure Narratives has been instrumental in the environmental crisis 00:11:37 Why approaching Adventure by Bike is innately unique? 00:14:36 Adventure Plus! Adventure With a Purpose 00:19:00 Adventure as an Engaging way to communicate on Environmental Issues 00:20:06 The Carbon Cycle Journey across North America 00:24:00 Kate’s Adventure Writing process 00:26:55 Traveling alone vs. Travelling with a partner 00:30:31 Dealing with Deadlines, Destinations and Fear of missing out while on Journeys 00:34:08 Dreaming of a trip with no end! 00:37:12 The Life Cycle: Newest Book and Journey through South America 00:38:01 BioDiversity in South America 00:42:20 Projects Kate visited on her journey through South America 00:46:44 How can someone prepare for such a journey? 00:47:51 Why ride a bamboo bike? 00:49:30 Logistic of where to stay? 00:51:33 Wildlife, Food and Camping on the South America Trip 00:52:59 Vegetarian eating in North America vs South America 00:55:07 Transatlantic Travel on a Carbon Diet: Cargo Ship Cruising! 00:59:32 Overall representation of Environmental Issues in 2021 vs 2006 01:02:10 How to Contact Kate 01:04:00 Post-Show reflections --- Send in a voice message:
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    The Tiny House Movement w/ Alice Wilson


    Alice Wilson is an ERSC funded PhD researcher in Urban Sociology at the University of York in the U.K. Wilson's PhD research focuses on the experiences of women in the UK Tiny House movement and the potential that Tiny Houses have to address inter-generational justice issues whilst moving closer to achieving our environmental justice goals in the U.K. and around the world. As well, is the Director of Ophouse Tiny housing project in York & co-founder of Women in Academia. Connect with Alice via Twitter Tiny House Research in Action  &  Women in Academia: For all show info, blog articles and other links visit Please Share, Subscribe & consider donating to the show via Patreon:  One time or Custom Donation:  Twitter / Facebook / Medium @TRANSNATURALPOD / Youtube Music by Fazerklang SFX: 00:05:00 Origins of Alice’s research in Tiny Houses (Working from the inside out!) 00:09:25 The Place of Tiny Houses in Society 00:11:40 Legalities of Tiny House Living and Why Alice can’t live in her Tiny House 00:15:48 Communities Researched in the Study 00:17:55 Women in the current tiny house movement 00:20:29 Intergenerational Justice Issues 00:26:00 Social & Cultural Goals: Communication & Demystification of People living in Tiny Houses 00:28:45 Environmental Benefits of Tiny Houses: Sustainability! 00:30:43 Less space, less stuff, better LIFE! 00;34:00 Tiny Houses, Homelessness and affordable housing 00:38:58 Tiny Houses Nexus of accessibility to shelter and social mobility! 00:40:10 OpHouse - Tiny House Community and THE FUTURE 00:45:04 The Women in Academia Organization --- Send in a voice message:
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    Ecological Consciousness in the COVID era w/ Bob Henderson


    Dr. Bob Henderson is an Outdoor Educator, Travel Guide, Speaker and Author of many great books on both Canadian Outdoor Recreation and Norwegian Friluftsliv. As well, Bob was a professor of Outdoor Education for 29 years at McMaster University in Ontario, Canada. In this episode, Bob joins us from the Oak Ridges Moraine in Ontario for a conversation on trends observed in outdoor activities, land use, education and more in the COVID era (thus far) as they relate to Ecological Consciousness. We also reflect on how these trends may influence the years to come. This is an exercise in reflection and renegotiation of our actions, education and methods of communication in this overarching era of the Anthropocene. What do you think of our observations? Agree? disagree? Did we leave something out? Is there something you'd like to ad? Contact the show to let us know :) Check out the times stamps below & contact the show if you have a topic you'd like to discuss.  Contact Bob on Facebook, Instagram or at his website For all show info, blog articles and other links visit Please Share, Subscribe & consider donating to the show via Patreon:  One time or Custom Donation:  Twitter / Facebook / Medium @TRANSNATURALPOD / Youtube Music by Fazerklang SFX: Time Stamps 00:01:17 What is Ecological Consciousness? 00:03:00 Is Ecological Consciousness something we’re becoming conscious of OR something within our consciousness? 00:06:04 Ecological Consciousness as “The Matrix” and the Two pillars of Ecological Consciousness 00:08:37 Connections between COVID and Ecological Consciousness 00:09:30 The Rise in the Kidnapping Domestic Pets and “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?” 00:13:30 Seeking comfort, Hygge & Koselig-ness as the world becomes increasingly harsher 00:15:00 Rise of Norwegian Friluftsliv in North American Popular Culture and critique from Indigenous populations 00:19:00 More Friluftsliv = More Accessibility to the Outdoors 00:22:15 Forest are filling up! Outdoor equipment is SOLD OUT 00:24:30 How has increased activity in the forest altered the outdoor culture , the parks, trails and transportation infrastructure of these areas? 00:31:00 International VS Local “Tourism” in the time of COVID 00:35:00 Consciousness of Increased Screen Time 00:37:15 Changes in how people are thinking about travel 00:41:25 Increased Demand for Alternative Schools 00:45:40 Climate Change awareness and media narrative in the age of COVID 00:47:50 Fusion of Social, Cultural and Ecological Sustainability 00:52:55 Ecologizing Education, Politics and Society at large 00:55:41 Environmental Communication & Literacy 00:58:45 Environmental Education for Adults 01:00:17 Lack of will to accept Climate Change 01:02:20 Renegotiating our Inert Ideas & the Adventure of change More info about the show --- Send in a voice message:
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    Outdoor Adventure and Epilepsy w/ Fran Turauskis of Seize Your Adventure


    Fran Turauskis is a writer and creator of the Seize Your Adventure podcast, which showcases stories of adventurers and outdoor lovers alike who also happen to have epilepsy, After Fran walked the Camino de Santiago, solo, in 2017, she became uncomfortable with descriptions such as 'brave' and 'inspirational' when people learned about her epilepsy diagnosis. She created the Seize Your Adventure podcast to normalize the idea of epilepsy in adventure settings. Fran has a lot of good ol’ adventure stories to share with us as well we discuss where this all fits in both the classic and emerging adventure narratives. If you looking for more information on this term the “adventure narrative” check back to episode 2 of this podcast where we break that term down in detail with Bob Henderson. Check out Fran's work at her website Seize Your Adventure. Follow Fran on Twitter | Facebook.  Support the show via Patreon: Twitter / Facebook / Medium @TRANSNATURALPOD / Blog Articles:  / Youtube One time Donation: Music by Fazerklang SFX: 00:00:00 Introduction 00:03:00 Welcome Fran to the show 00:04:30 What does Fran mean by “Seize your Adventure”? 00:05:45 What is Epilepsy? 00:08:05 What are some initial concerns, in regards to activity, when one finds out they have epilepsy? 00:09:50 How did the podcast start and Fran’s experience with epilepsy? 00:12:45 Fran’s adventure’s before and after finding out she has epilepsy 00:15:30 Can nature connection help with symptoms of epilepsy? 00:17:30 Why is there such a lack of research on the topic Epilepsy and Outdoor Recreation? 00:21:00 Are there certain activities that are maybe more conducive towards the epileptic experience? 00:25:54 About Fran’s recent Ultra Run 00:29:37 Fran’s interpretation of Adventure 00:31:47 Finding Adventure in London 00:35:00 Finding one’s “Inner Peak” 00:39:52 How is the “Adventure Narrative” evolving? 00:44:53 Things people with epilepsy might need to think about before going on a journey? 00:47:20 Tips about how friends can support a fellow traveler who happens to have epilepsy 00:50:26 Particular pre-journey logistical planning for those with epilepsy 00:53:45 Organizations that work with Epilepsy and Outdoor Pursuits 00:54:56 Seize Your Adventure and site-specific dramaturgy 00:56:20 Fran’s favorite microadventures and future plans 00:57:47 Fran’s obsession with BEARS! 00:59:54 Closing Reflections --- Send in a voice message:

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