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From Trago comes the eponymous Tragocast. Long-form, in depth conversation with rock-stars in the world of filmmaking.

4 Episodes

  • Tragocast podcast

    Tragocast #4 - Dillon Schneider


    Dillon Schneider, cinematography cowboy superstar, and camera move extrodinaire best known for his work with G-Eazy,  Midland, and Ty Dolla Sign. Dillon is the guy your girlfriend told you not to worry about, and for good reason. Yeehaw.
  • Tragocast podcast

    Tragocast #3 - Eric Lombart


    Eric Lombart, is the most in-demand  cinematographer on the Youtube scene, best known for his work with Anna Akana and Shane Dawson. Eric is a radiant beam of energy, and a most vital source of vitamin D. 
  • Tragocast podcast

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  • Tragocast podcast

    Tragocast #2 - Bobby Bruderle


    Bobby Bruderle is a director and cinematographer, best known for his work ascending G-Eazy to soaring heights.  An influential hero of mine, with the most wholesome laugh on the planet. 
  • Tragocast podcast

    Tragocast #1 - Benjamin Loeb


    Benjamin Loeb is a cinematographer best known for his work on MANDY, starring Nicolas Cage.  Ben is one of my favorite human beings, he should be one of yours too. 

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