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Ep 118 Toys on Tap w/ Kiomar Padron

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This week we bring on Kiomar Padron and talk all things about being an artist. Kio has gone through so many different styles of art and continues to push himself into new styles. He has done glass blowing, music producing, and now has pushed into digital sculpting. Take a listen this week to Toys on Tap to hear his story!On instagram @kpadio22Commercials brought to you by Chicken Burger DiscoOn instagram @chickenburgerdiscoSponsors:if you want to become a sponsor of Toys on Tap Podcast send an email to [email protected]Patreon:To support the show you can join the Toys on Tap Patreon. Go to you to our supporters:DKE Toys @dketoysEric Nichols @righteousmadeZachary Blackburn @ztblackburnChicken Burger Disco @chickenburgerdiscoToyz(A)live @toyzaliveRate and Review:The best way to support the podcast is to rate and review so that others can hear this sticky resin podcast!

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