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Ep. 117 Toys on Tap w/ Igor Vamos and the Barbie Liberation Organization

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If you thought toys were just for kids, you are so wrong. They can also be apart of insidious plots to fight against the man and throw off the chains of oppressors, well maybe not that far. However, Igor Vamos did use toys as a way to speak against the harmful the phrases that Teen Talk Barbie spewed. Igor started the BLO: Barbie Liberation Organization as a way to protest against Barbie's insane ideas gender roles and flaws. You are not going to believe how it happened. You can find out this week on Toys on Tap!Youtube: @TheYesMenofficialCommercials brought to you by Chicken Burger DiscoOn instagram @chickenburgerdiscoSponsors:if you want to become a sponsor of Toys on Tap Podcast send an email to [email protected]Patreon:To support the show you can join the Toys on Tap Patreon. Go to you to our supporters:DKE Toys @dketoysEric Nichols @righteousmadeZachary Blackburn @ztblackburnChicken Burger Disco @chickenburgerdiscoToyz(A)live @toyzaliveRate and Review:The best way to support the podcast is to rate and review so that others can hear this sticky resin podcast!

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