Tournament Talk! podcast

Tournament Talk!

Marisa Johnson

Sharing my stories and experiences of jumping back into tournaments and going for my dreams of playing pro tennis. After college and a few years of full time coaching I realized my true passion was to be playing and sharing the experience! Support this podcast:

28 Episodes

  • Tournament Talk! podcast

    5 Ways To Improve Performance On/Off Court


    Special guest @tenniswithgary is here to talk fitness for tennis and the best ways to improve your performance! With these 5 drills you can expect to bring the heat in your next match! You can find out more and grab some free coaching from --- Support this podcast:
  • Tournament Talk! podcast

    Don’t Stop Believing!


    Special guest and long time friend Shatoo Mohamed shares her stories and struggles while playing on the WTA Tour! Follow her journey through IG @shatoo.m --- Support this podcast:
  • Tournament Talk! podcast

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  • Tournament Talk! podcast

    How To Win More Points!


    Today’s special guest is Ryan Reidy of 2minutetennis! Here we share the top two ways to win more points and how to practice them! Don’t forget to follow and check out and also check out the 7 day free footwork challenge --- Support this podcast:
  • Tournament Talk! podcast

    Find Your Vision!


    Special guest Grace Melrose is here to chat about her success in tennis and business and share her stories of professional tennis! With a vision in mind you can always reach your goals! Follow @grace_melrose on IG --- Support this podcast:
  • Tournament Talk! podcast

    Staying Sane During Quarantine


    Times are crazy and hard for many right now! Here are a few tips on how to keep safe and also to keep your sanity with the change of daily schedule. Please join the 7 day footwork challenge for extra help and accountability here: --- Support this podcast:
  • Tournament Talk! podcast

    It’s All Mental!


    We have some great stories here. Today’s interview was with Nick Szyndlar: current Head Coach Mens and women’s tennis coach at University of Saint Katherine, former Division I assistant coach, and current CSCS (certified strength and conditioning specialist) who is also a Kinesiology professor. --- Support this podcast:
  • Tournament Talk! podcast

    Exude Confidence On Court! Ep. 20


    If you struggle with knowing how to intimidate your opponent or be on top of your game mentally, this episode is for you. This is how you can scare your opponent and not let them walk all over you. --- Support this podcast:
  • Tournament Talk! podcast

    Run Your Own Race Ep. 19


    It all comes down to confidence. If you believe in yourself and your abilities then comparing yourself to others won't happen. --- Support this podcast:
  • Tournament Talk! podcast

    Persistence In The Moment


    Imagine losing all muscle mass, fighting cancer and nerve damage and struggling with confidence your whole life, then coming out to try tennis at age 52. Not only will Anna’s story inspire you but will help you stay encouraged and rethink the trials you’re going through! --- Support this podcast:
  • Tournament Talk! podcast

    Balance & Focus For Achieving Your Goals


    It all came clear when I realized I was spreading myself too thin. Now I know what to do as far as balancing my training, my work and my life goals. --- Support this podcast:

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