Total Offroad Podcast podcast

Total Offroad Podcast

Steve and Ian

Total Offroad Podcast is where we talk about everything from over-landing, towing, camping, fabrication, rock bouncers, buggies, stickies, technical talk, and just plain getting out and four wheeling! Come join us as we explore the awesomeness that is this hobby.

100 Episodes

  • Total Offroad Podcast podcast

    Are You Ready To Go Wheeling?


    Talkin all things offroad as usual. this saturday we're going wheeling at the badlands in attica indana. we talk about getting ready for this trip.  we're drinking Aj's Stout from Triptych brewing 
  • Total Offroad Podcast podcast

    Full Sizes On The Mountain!


     Derek Lasini Joins us remotely to tell us about his weekend trip down to Black mountain recreation Area. A 7000 acre park with plenty of awesome trails and obsticles.  Were drinking Grandma's fruit salad from triptych Brewing. 
  • Total Offroad Podcast podcast

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  • Total Offroad Podcast podcast

    EP. 100 Need I Say More?


    Episode 100 is full of surprises right from the start all the way to the end. it's a long one but we had so much to cover.  Beer given by jeremy wilson Taxman brewing Evasion barrel aged stout. 
  • Total Offroad Podcast podcast

    Jana 54 Day Dream


    in the new studio Mike And Steve are trying to get into the groove. But with Ian home sick still it prooving harder than they thought.  Beer of the week is Triptych Brewing 52.5hz
  • Total Offroad Podcast podcast

    Y'all Need Comms


    Mike and steve are in the shine shop studio, were trying to give you a good episode but we have zero notes and we're in a new locaiton. so please give us some grace,  beer is from Triptych Brewing in savoy IL. 
  • Total Offroad Podcast podcast

    Annual Wheeling Trip Eh?


    Mike and Steve go wheeling with a bunch of listeners at Moonlight Offroad Racing in Sullivan Missouri. what a wild weekend with great friends and good times. It was great to meet new people and see the others. unfortunatly snowday and low_kee didn't have such a great weekend. 
  • Total Offroad Podcast podcast

    Ultra4 Nationals


    Ian went to ultra4 nationals and almost had a heart attack, mike worked on snowday and got his beadlocks mounted, Steve worked on lowkee and the OBS tow rig.  Beers are from little beaver brewing 
  • Total Offroad Podcast podcast

    Fridays Are Four Wheeling


    Our Thoughts and Prayers go out to Chris and his family This week. On this episode Steve Installed his VX shifter from RaDesigns, then he loaded up for a trip to Badlands off road park in attica Indiana to actually wheel on a friday.  we recorded on sunday morning so no beers this week. 
  • Total Offroad Podcast podcast

    Wheeling At Rocks and Valleys


    So this week Ian picked up his giant trailer and had fun draging it home. Mike got rained out and had beers. And Steve actually Went wheeling. Full weekend recap in this lengthy episode. 
  • Total Offroad Podcast podcast

    2022 "Dodge" Ram 3500


    Ian got his new tow rig, Mike is gonna get hit, and steve needs a compressor for the shop. Also you should probaly line a few extra shots towards the end of the show....  Congratulations to the winner of the quarterly Giveaway 

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