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We're Perfectly Imperfect (feat. Jerrod Blandino, Barstool Pat and Kyle)

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Today is the Pride episode of Token CEO. We talk with Barstool's own Pat and Kyle about being out at Barstool, what wearing a backwards hat means to them, and what tribes other Barstool employees would be a part of. Next, Erika is joined by Too Faced Cosmetics Founder & Chief Creative Officer, Jerrod Blandino, to talk about building a global brand and being authentic to yourself.

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    How We Sell Barstool & Keep the Lights On


    Erika takes you behind the scenes of Barstool's Upfront, the biggest event of the year for advertisers to buy into our unmatched content. She'll chat with Chief Revenue Officer Deirdre Lester about huge new announcements and what money they hope to bring in to the company. Erika will also answer your questions, talk headlines (including the Wall Street Journal's bombshell reporting on Facebook) and explain how to deal with burnout. Headlines (00:01:23) Q&A (00:12:08) Barstool Upfront (00:21:02) Adulting (00:31:25)
  • Token CEO podcast

    How Prison Saved Wallo's Life and Inspired The Million Dollaz Brand (feat. Wallo & Gillie)


    On Today’s Token CEO, Erika chats with Wallo and Gillie, the hosts of Million Dollaz Worth of Game. They talk about how Wallo stayed resilient while in prison and how he never takes technology for granted. Erika also runs through this week's headlines (the Met Gala, the NFL Sunday Ticket Deal, Sports Betting & Taco Bell) and she'll answer your career questions and give advice on how to pick a college major. Headlines (00:01:32) Q&A (00:10:30) Paul Rabil Retirement (00:18:16) Wallo and Gille (00:21:15) Adulting (00:46:10)
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    The 20th Anniversary of September 11th (feat. Brendan Stackpole)


    Today's special Token CEO episode we remember the events of September 11th on the 20th anniversary. Erika is joined by FDNY Brendan Stackpole, who's father, Timothy Stackpole, also a FDNY member, lost his life helping during the events of September 11th. Timothy Stackpole Foundation:
  • Token CEO podcast

    The More Uncomfortable You Make Yourself, The Better You Are (feat. Kate, Alex & Kim and Danielle Collins)


    Today Erika is joined by Kate to help her co-host the episode. They start off by remembering 9/11 and discussing this week's headlines and giving out career advice. Next up, Erika sits down Alex and Kim, the new mother daughter duo at Barstool Sports and Danielle Collins, a professional tennis player competing in the US Open. Lastly, Erika and Kate wrap up with advice on how to turn an informational interview into a job offer. (00:11:54) - Headlines (00:23:44) - Q&A (00:33:52) - Alex & Kim (1:10:19) - Danielle Collins (1:29:05) - Adulting
  • Token CEO podcast

    Bring the Juice (feat. RJ Kaminski)


    For today’s episode, Erika is joined by her intern for the day, RJ Kaminsky. RJ is a host and senior manager of brand for the Premiere Lacrosse League. Erika and RJ talk this week’s headlines and answer your career questions. Next up, we take a look inside a Barstool Sports management training and wrap up with advice on how to present in a company meeting. Headlines (00:08:13) Q&A (00:19:52) Management Training (00:34:21) Adulting (1:07:25)
  • Token CEO podcast

    Brazen & Inappropriate (feat. Julia Haart & Lora DiCarlo)


    Erika begins by sharing a fact that will probably leave your jaw on the floor. She then kicks off the episode with headlines and a Q&A before getting into two interviews. The first is Lora DiCarlo, who discusses how women can feel more empowered by understanding who they are and what makes them feel good. Lora has created the next generation of pleasure aids that mimic the touch and feel of a human being. Next is Julia Haart, who you may know from Netflix's 'My Unorthodox Life'. Julia explains why she left her religious community, citing that she wanted to be an example for her daughters that they could have their own freedom.  She dives into what her life was like while she was in the community and explained why everyday when a man wakes up, they pray and say “Thank God I’m not a woman”. (00:02:04) - Headlines (00:12:09) - Q&A (00:23:39) - Erika Rant (00:27:54) - Lora DiCarlo Interview (00:54:33) - Julia Haart Interview (01:18:47) - Adulting
  • Token CEO podcast

    Bloom Where You're Planted (feat. Chaps)


    Erika kicks off the episode covering this week's headlines, including #BamaRush and what working from home may mean for wages. She then answers listener-submitted questions regarding mental health in the workplace. Chaps joins the show to discuss why saying "I love you no matter what" is actually a bad thing, what it means to bloom where you're planted, and more. Erika rounds out the episode with adulting. (00:01:36) - Headlines (00:13:30) - Mental Health Q&A (00:22:49) - Chaps Interview (00:39:52) - Adulting
  • Token CEO podcast

    I Don't Have Bad Days (feat. Deion Sanders)


    Erika begins the episode with a rundown of what’s ahead this fall in Barstool’s world with the upcoming football season. Then, Erika transitions into responding to listener submitted voicemails before getting into the weekly ‘Adulting’ segment. To wrap up, Deion Sanders, accompanied by his son, Shilo, joins the pod. Together they discuss the upcoming release of Coach Prime, what Deion thinks pressure really is, and why he doesn’t have bad days. (00:01:37) - Fall Happenings at Barstool Sports (00:07:46) - Voicemail #1 - How Early Is Too Early To Quit A Job? (00:09:31) - Voicemail #2 - How To Deliver Upward Evaluations? (00:11:15) - Voicemail #3 - What To Do If You Don't Want To Be A Reference? (00:13:20) - Voicemail #4 - Dealing With A Stagnant Boss (00:17:49) - Adulting (00:22:12) - Deion & Shilo Interview
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    See How Tomorrow Goes (feat. Dr. Shari Marchbein)


    Today Erika is joined by her dermatologist of 10 years, Dr. Shari Marchbein. Together they discuss Marchbein's path from a medical school to opening her own practice and all the hardships in between. Marchbein explains why you should never order skin products from Amazon, and debunks the myth that drinking water is tied to having great skin. Marchbein also shares advice from her parents that kept her going even when she wanted to quit. (00:04:16) - Interview begins (00:43:10) - Adulting
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    The Team, The Team, The Team


    On today's Token CEO, Erika kicks off the episode with the weekend's best headlines. Then, she's joined by Karim who is 'one of Dave's guys'. The pair discuss what it's like working for Dave, how Barstool Athletes came to be, and why Erika says his job is a short cut in life. Finally, Erika wraps up with voicemails submitted from fans. (00:02:05) - Headlines (00:11:47) - Karim/Barstool Athletes Interview (00:35:24) - Voicemails - Work Questions

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