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Smile Through The Suck (Feat. Kelly Babstock and Rebecca Russo)

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Erika sits down with NWHL players Kelly Babstock and Rebecca Russo to kick off the hockey season which starts this weekend. Later on runner Katie Asmuth calls in to explain the story behind her now famous tampon-bloody nose photo!

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    We're Perfectly Imperfect (feat. Jerrod Blandino, Barstool Pat and Kyle)


    Today is the Pride episode of Token CEO. We talk with Barstool's own Pat and Kyle about being out at Barstool, what wearing a backwards hat means to them, and what tribes other Barstool employees would be a part of. Next, Erika is joined by Too Faced Cosmetics Founder & Chief Creative Officer, Jerrod Blandino, to talk about building a global brand and being authentic to yourself.
  • Token CEO

    Out With The Old, In With The New (feat. Joanna Griffiths)


    On today's Token CEO, Erika breaks down the Victoria's Secret rebrand along with what Spotify's latest move was. She's joined by Knix Founder and CEO, Joanna Griffiths, to talk about why she wanted to create an inclusive brand and not letting your gender impact your work.
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    Where Do Girls Pee?


    Today's episode is dedicated to Father's Day. We start the show with the dad of TikTok, Marc D'Amelio. Him & Erika talk about how to raise level headed daughters despite fame and keeping his family close. Next we've got 3 of Barstool's girl dads - Brandon Walker, Large, & Steven Cheah - on to talk all the joys of parenthood, including beating up teenage bullies at the school dance & figuring out how girls pee. Speaking of living with your parents, Glenny Balls stops by to give a quick lesson in adulting.
  • Token CEO

    Failing Your Way To Success (feat. Rebecca Minkoff)


    We've got a loaded new episode of Token CEO today. Erika breaks down the biggest headlines from last week including the new Spotify X Call Her Daddy deal and what it means for Barstool. Plus, before closing out with an interview about failing your way to success with Rebecca Minkoff, Erika re-introduces voicemails back to the pod and answers some of the best listener submitted questions.
  • Token CEO

    Just Do It Yourself (feat. The Wonton Don)


    On today's Token CEO, Erika is joined by Barstool's 'foreign correspondent,' The Wonton Don. The two talk what he was doing before Barstool and how he got here, his time in China, why he became a fan of Barstool while abroad, and how the best things happen outside of your comfort zone.
  • Token CEO

    The New Kids On The Block


    On today's Token CEO, Erika is joined by Barstool's freshest faces - the summer interns of 2021. They talk why the viceroy program is the best way to find new talent, what direction they hope to take the brands they'll be working on, and how to find a drink in NYC on an intern's salary. They wrap up with a Q&A with Erika and she gives some advice on how to make the most out of your time as a Barstool intern.
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    Speak While You Can (feat. Bari Weiss)


    For today’s episode, Erika is joined by former op-Ed editor for the New York Times, Bari Weiss. The two talk why she stepped away from her position with the Times and how her new work serves the “purple people” of the world. They cover the importance of using your voice, not caring about what other people think of you, and the future of journalism & media as a whole.
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    No Degree, No Problem (feat. Brianna, Fran, and Marina)


    On Today's Episode of Token CEO Erika is joined by Brianna, Fran and Marina. The four talk about upcoming plans for the summer & why they felt college wasn't for them & their journeys to Barstool Sports. They then discuss cancellations in the media and what should have been done differently.
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    Not Just A Hockey Podcast (Feat. Spittin' Chiclets)


    Today on Token CEO, Erika is joined by the Spittin’ Chiclets crew for some hockey talk. They get into the beginnings of the show, why they’ve become so successful, and what their hopes are for the future of both the podcast and game
  • Token CEO

    The Class Clown (Feat. Rone of Barstool Sports)


    On today’s episode of Token CEO, Erika sits down with Barstool blogger Rone. Rone talks about his newest video series, offers advice on how to stay creative, and hits some business topics with Erika.

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