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Joe Rogan’s Howard Stern Moment

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Erika breaks down the Joe Rogan deal, explores what it means for Apple, and how Barstool Sports is looking at their podcasting business. If you aren’t already following the Token CEO Podcast: Twitter: Instagram: Spotify Playlists:

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    The Way Out Is Through (Feat. Karsen Woods)


    In today's episode of Token CEO, Erika reviews news headlines before getting into Barstool's manager training. She's then joined by Karsen Woods, a pioneer in the NFT space. The two discuss what industries they see being impacted next by blockchain, as well as crypto culture. To wrap up, Erika speaks on when you should (or shouldn't) tell your manager you're looking for a new position. (00:01:13) - Headlines - Barstool Bowl Game, Olympics Streaming, Snapchat, Robinhood IPO, Boomers vs Zoomers back in the office (00:14:21) - Barstool's Manager Training (00:27:32) - Karsen Woods Interview (00:49:16) - Adulting - When Do You Tell Your Boss You're Looking For A New Job?
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    ESPN Was Never My Dream (Feat. Kelly In Vegas)


    On today's Token CEO, Erika gives her advice on listener submitted voicemails. Then, she gives a rundown on what is coming for Barstool in the near future before wrapping up with Barstool's newest gambling personality, Kelly In Vegas. Kelly tells us all about who she was in high school, how she made her way to Vegas and what she did with her excessive earnings as a cocktail waitress. She then gives us the low down on what happened with ESPN and her opinions on the matter. (00:01:30) - Voicemails - Mental Health (00:06:24) - Voicemails - Professional Lows (00:11:10) - Voicemails - Treating Everyone The Same (00:13:34) - Voicemails - Dealing with Rejection (00:18:05) - Rundown on the Latest at Barstool (00:24:00) - Kelly In Vegas Interview
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    We're Here To Compete (Feat. Danielle Kang)


    It's almost time for the Olympic Games to begin. Erika highlights some headlines leading into the Games and discusses why being the host of the Olympics isn't all that it's cracked up to be. She's then joined by Danielle Kang, a Team USA golfer, to talk about why she's not upset about the no fans rule and how she became good at golf...on accident. (00:01:07) - Headlines (00:07:43) - Business of Hosting the Games (00:14:15) - Women to Watch (00:18:15) - Danielle Kang Interview (00:33:49) - Adulting - Dress Code
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    5 Years at Barstool Sports


    In today's episode, Erika celebrates her 5 year anniversary at Barstool Sports. She breaks down how she landed the job, the early days of Barstool Sports, and lessons she's learned along the way as CEO. Erika then answers questions from listeners and a surprise video from Barstool employees closes out the episode. (00:01:47) - How Erika Got To Barstool Sports (00:06:43) - Lessons on Getting To Barstool Sports (00:09:00) - The Early Days (00:21:26) - Lessons Learned From Being CEO (00:26:18) - Answering Questions From Fans (00:30:38) - Surprise Barstool Employees Video
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    Life Is About The Story (Feat. Rico Bosco)


    Erika is joined by Barstool's own gambling personality, Rico Bosco. He explains why he doesn't apologize for landing a job at Barstool and breaks down his Rico-isms. He also clears up why he decided to start showing his face in content, as well as what his biggest regret has been thus far. Finally, Rico asks Erika a few questions. (00:01:31) - Headlines (00:11:57) - Rico Bosco Interview (00:51:32) - Adulting - The Great Resignation
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    Sin Is A Great Strategy (feat. Haneen Davies & Melissa Greenberg of Houseplant)


    On today's Token CEO, Erika talks with two executives at Houseplant, Seth Rogan & Evan Goldberg's cannabis company. Haneen and Melissa discuss why they don't want to be the biggest brand on the market, as well as how they plan to help the War on Drugs. Erika also breaks down why Barstool and other companies have limitations when working within sin industries.
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    Purgatory of the Mundane (feat. Lisa Bilyeu)


    On today's Token CEO Erika kicks off the episode discussing this week's headlines. She then talks to Lisa Bilyeu, Co-Founder of Impact Theory and Quest Nutrition, who shares her story of transforming from housewife to an entrepreneur, as well as her techniques on breaking the mold others created for her. Erika wraps up with sharing tips on how to ask for a vacation at work. (00:01:11) - Erika's Trip to DC (00:05:23) - Headlines (00:17:13) - Lisa Bilyeu Interview (00:46:14) - How To Ask For A Raise At Work
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    Have Your Cake And Eat It Too (feat. Will Compton and Paul Rabil)


    On Today's episode of Token CEO, Erika talks with breakout podcaster and NFL player, Will Compton, as well as Paul Rabil, Co-Founder of the Premier Lacrosse League. Compton explains why he chose to start a podcast on top of his already full schedule, and Rabil explains what it takes to create a breakout sports league, as well as challenges he faces being both a player and executive in the league. (00:02:03) - Will Compton Interview (00:32:48) - Takeaways From Will Compton (00:35:32) - Paul Rabil Interview (00:55:37) - How To Break Through In Sports and Entertainment
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    We're Perfectly Imperfect (feat. Jerrod Blandino, Barstool Pat and Kyle)


    Today is the Pride episode of Token CEO. We talk with Barstool's own Pat and Kyle about being out at Barstool, what wearing a backwards hat means to them, and what tribes other Barstool employees would be a part of. Next, Erika is joined by Too Faced Cosmetics Founder & Chief Creative Officer, Jerrod Blandino, to talk about building a global brand and being authentic to yourself.
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    Out With The Old, In With The New (feat. Joanna Griffiths)


    On today's Token CEO, Erika breaks down the Victoria's Secret rebrand along with what Spotify's latest move was. She's joined by Knix Founder and CEO, Joanna Griffiths, to talk about why she wanted to create an inclusive brand and not letting your gender impact your work.

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