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Last week, thousands of fans showed up to a live taping of Barstool's College Football Show in East Lansing, Michigan. Erika gets a behind-the-scenes look at what goes into one of those events by interviewing producer David Blattman. We also hear why Blattman thinks of the show as a "spoof" and we learn that Dave Portnoy's social media was "hacked." Erika also hosts a Q&A luncheon, runs through headlines, and gives interview tips in Adulting. (00:03:09) Headlines (00:22:01)Q&A (Zoom Lunch) (00:36:28) Inside the College Football Show (00:53:51) Adulting

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    Defending The Gold At The 2022 Olympics


    Just ahead of the 2022 Winter Olympics, Erika speaks with three women from the U.S. hockey team heading to Beijing. They talk about the new pressure as returning champions, what life is like in the Olympic village, and why a team prankster is so important. In our "Work Like a Girl" segment, we hear from one listener who started her own business making gag gifts that turned out to have medical applications. Erika also runs through the week's headlines, answers your questions, and offers adulting advice on how to invest in the stock market. And for an added bonus this week, you'll get a behind-the-scenes look at one of our production meetings where things got a bit tense. We share it with you because we want to hear what you think, because feedback is a gift. You won't want to miss it. (00:01:25) Headlines (00:14:24) Q&A (00:24:32) U.S. Women's Hockey (00:51:11) Adulting (00:52:40) Work Like a Girl (00:54:59) Production Meeting
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    Olympic Skier Lindsey Vonn Says Looks Still Define Female Athletes


    Erika chats with Lindsey Vonn, the most decorated female skier of all time, about her new book "RISE: My Story." Vonn opens up about her struggles with depression, the double standard that persists when it comes to objectifying female athletes, and how she's now attacking the slopes in her retirement. For our "Adulting" segment, we hear from a financial expert about why it's important to save for your retirement at any age. Our "Work Like a Girl" featured listened is one teacher who combined her love for working out and helping children to create a business that is changing the lives of special needs kids. And, as always, Erika answers your questions. (00:01:50) Q&A (00:07:02) Lindsey Vonn (00:25:41) Adulting (00:36:50) Work Like a Girl
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    Maria Menounos Shares Life Lessons for 2022


    Maria Menounos wears a lot of hats. She's a TV personality. She has a podcast and web series called "Better Together." She's a cancer survivor and a caregiver. And she's a friend of Erika's. She joins Erika to talk about what life lessons she picked up in a particularly difficult 2021 and what she's bringing with her into 2022. Erika also brings you inside her company-wide meeting and shares her goals for 2022. Then, she and Barstool Chief Revenue Officer Deirdre Lester host a panel for "Work Like a Girl." And, as usual, Erika answers your questions and gives you tips for adulting. (00:01:47) Barstool Sports 2022 Goals (00:07:57) Barstool 2021 Company Meeting (00:22:51) Q&A (00:28:46) Maria Menounos (01:05:58) Adulting (01:08:03) Work Like A Girl
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    Token CEO's Best Moments of 2021


    Erika reflects on some of her favorite conversations from the past year. We revisit Billy Football's path from intern to the Rough N Rowdy ring with Jose Canseco. We learn from jeweler Marla Aarons how to pivot your career. We hear how prison & the internet changed Wallo's life. We chat with former J.Crew chief and LoveSeen founder Jenna Lyons about how fashion & beauty can be an armor. And we go hang with the Spittin Chiclets guys and find out how the brand has grown into a powerhouse beyond hockey. (00:01:14) Billy Football (00:07:33) Marla Aaron (00:14:59) Wallo & Gillie (00:24:30) Jenna Lyons (00:36:35) Spittin' Chiclets
  • Token CEO podcast

    Barstool Employees Get To Interview Erika


    It's the end of the year, and we're cleaning out the fridge- Barstool HQ-style. Erika wraps up the year-end with Gaz and they reflect on what they've accomplished as a company and where they've fallen short. Erika also lets Gaz, Tiko Texas and Jersey Jerry ask her any question they want. The bonus? We find out Gaz's favorite Christmas present ever, watch Tiko & Erika make a pact, and learn from Jerry the perfect way to take a foot pic. (00:01:34) Gaz (00:26:58) Jersey Jerry (00:36:44) Tiko Texas (00:46:36) Outro
  • Token CEO podcast

    Barstool's Newest Celebrity News Reporter


    Jordyn Woodruff aka 'Jordyn Wood Know' came to Barstool to fill a void in our content and talk about entertainment news, celebrity gossip, and influencer drama. Erika talks to Jordyn about her path from the Midwest to New York and to Barstool HQ. Erika also runs through headlines, answers your questions, gives tips on holiday party etiquette, and introduces a new segment called, "Work Like a Girl." (00:02:02) Headlines (00:16:18) - Q&A (00:22:50) - Jordyn Woodruff (00:45:13) - Adulting (00:48:14) - Work Like a Girl
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    It's About Respect: Jersey Jerry & Jeff Nadu Headline Rough N' Rowdy


    The rivalry between Jersey Jerry & Jeff Nadu started over a reversed call and betting decorum. Now, they're heading to the boxing ring to duke it out. Erika interviews the headliners as well as the women fighters, Kacey "Hot Wheelz" Wheeler & Karisa "Cherry Bomb" Lambert. She also talks about the business of Rough N' Rowdy, runs through headlines, answers your questions and gives adulting tips on setting boundaries. (00:01:49) Headlines (00:16:58) Q&A (00:23:58) Rough 'N Rowdy 01:01:38 - Adulting
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    The Business of Barstool's Cyber Monday Telethon


    Erika sits down with Alex Rosenthal, Barstool's SVP of Commerce to talk about the merchandising business and how important Black Friday & Cyber Monday are to the company. We also have a behind the scenes look at what it takes to pull of our annual Cyber Monday Telethon. Erika runs through headlines and answers your questions with special guests and gives adulting tips on her favorite go-to holiday gifts. (00:00:00) Intro (00:01:57) Headlines (feat. Eddie) (00:17:45) Q&A (feat. Tiko & Patric Texas) (00:25:04) Cyber Monday (00:32:33) Alex Rosenthal (00:51:20) Adulting
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    How Barstool Celebrates Thanksgiving


    Elementary school arts & crafts take over Barstool HQ for Thanksgiving week and the results are less than impressive. In this special holiday edition, Erika answers rapid fire questions about turkey and side dishes, offers advice on how to deal with annoying family members and shares what she's thankful for. (00:02:30) Headlines (00:08:09) Barstool Employees Make Hand Turkeys (00:12:14) Q&A (Feat. Mackenzie) (00:27:40) What is Erika Thankful For? (00:33:40) Adulting
  • Token CEO podcast

    Style Icon Jenna Lyons Shares Life Advice and Fashion Tips


    Erika sits down with Jenna Lyons, the founder of eyelash company LoveSeen and former Chief Creative Officer of J.Crew. They talk about how Jenna was uninspired when she left J.Crew after 20+ years and where she finds inspiration now. She also offers tips on how to elevate your home’s looks affordably in Adulting. Erika also runs through headlines and answers your questions of the week! (00:02:29) Headlines (00:14:19) Q&A (00:21:19) Jenna Lyons (00:57:30) Adulting

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