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Episode 80: Episode 80: Tiki Trivia show for 2021

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Hey guys, 

Not our normal show as there are no drinks but I did put a Craig's Creation cocktail on our site just in case you was in a mood for a new cocktail. 

This is our annual trivia show where we see if our tiki panel (Paola and Mark) and you was listening to our show all year long and made some notes and this year is just as challenging as the past years.

Topics like the Cosmopolitan cocktail, Grog, Mint Julep, Day of the Dead, Don the Beachcomber, Mariano Lucudine, Harry Yee, Cinco de Mayo and so much more...

We will help you this year with a hint of what episode each question came from and the cocktail of that show. So, print off the trivia sheets and see if you have what it takes to be tiki god and year champion of trivia. (NOTE: answers are upside down at the bottom of that page). 

By the way, check out past year's tiki trivia shows as well and see if you know the answers to those ones as well...

Triva page link: https://tikicentralcanada.ca/tiki-trivia/

By the way, there is no prize for winning but make yourself a cocktail and play along and see if you can out score our panel!!!

Craig's Creation page: https://tikicentralcanada.ca/craigs-creation/

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    Episode 81: Episode 81: Casino Royale and James Bond...Shaken Not Stirred!!!!


    Hey guys,We are back and yes it has been awhile!! Our apologize!!!On this episode we are going to be talking about Daniel Craig's last James Bond movie (No Time to Die) with no spoilers (since Mark hasn't seen it yet)!!!The cocktail we will talk about are the Casino Royale (which is not a James Bond drink be say but a Dale Degroff cocktail) and Vesper (which is from Casino Royale movie which was Daniel Craig's first James Bond movie he did). Both these cocktails are ritzy yes and not tiki (but I do alter one to make it into a tiki cocktail...more about that in the show). Now, who is Dale Degroff you may ask. Well, besides one of my favorite bartenders of all time and inspiration to me. He is also the bartender back in the 70s that took cocktails out of the club scene era it was in with artificial flavors and ingredients and brought it back to real ingredients and layers and excitement in our profession!!! If you think about it, bartenders lost some creditability during the disco era due to clubs and drugs (yes cocaine).  He is also well known for the cosmopolitan, which strangely he did not create but altered into what we know now of that cocktail. For the cocktails, we do a recipe with champagne in the Casino Royale but don't panic as I give you alternatives options in the new version of the drink which will be in Craig's Creation section of our website and I finally called it "Full Deck" which means we are not playing with a "full deck" LOL!!!!In "Did You Know?" section: we discuss cool facts about Daniel Craig as James Bond like his reaction to the phone call from the producers telling him that he will be the next Bond. The fact that a pair of gloves in Skyfall almost cost the production company millions of dollars in reproduction, or that Daniel was a talking Stormtrooper in "The Force Awakens". Links to the show:Recipes to the show: https://tikicentralcanada.ca/recipes/Craig's Creation page: https://tikicentralcanada.ca/craigs-creation/Daniel Craig's as a Stormtrooper in "Force Awakens" scene video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iq7MaKlvE5oDale Degroff's book on our cool link: https://tikicentralcanada.ca/cool-links/How to Drink YouTube video on Vesper cocktail: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T1rtEeSpswk&t=63sBeing James Bond Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QOHhIkMy6dgGo check out the new James Bond in the theaters...it's a must see!!!!
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    Episode 80: Episode 80: Tiki Trivia show for 2021


    Hey guys, Not our normal show as there are no drinks but I did put a Craig's Creation cocktail on our site just in case you was in a mood for a new cocktail. This is our annual trivia show where we see if our tiki panel (Paola and Mark) and you was listening to our show all year long and made some notes and this year is just as challenging as the past years.Topics like the Cosmopolitan cocktail, Grog, Mint Julep, Day of the Dead, Don the Beachcomber, Mariano Lucudine, Harry Yee, Cinco de Mayo and so much more...We will help you this year with a hint of what episode each question came from and the cocktail of that show. So, print off the trivia sheets and see if you have what it takes to be tiki god and year champion of trivia. (NOTE: answers are upside down at the bottom of that page). By the way, check out past year's tiki trivia shows as well and see if you know the answers to those ones as well...Triva page link: https://tikicentralcanada.ca/tiki-trivia/By the way, there is no prize for winning but make yourself a cocktail and play along and see if you can out score our panel!!!Craig's Creation page: https://tikicentralcanada.ca/craigs-creation/
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    Episode 79: Episode 79: Talk Like a Pirate and Bumbo Cocktail with Rob & Erica Brunner


    Hey guys,This show is a little different then our usual show as we do our annual "Talk Like a Pirate" day show with our pirate expert and Canadian Navy Lieutenant Commander Rob Brunner and his wife Erica. Both are part of pirate society here in Canada and their crew called the "Cut and Run". Talk Like a Pirate day is September 19th every year internationally. This show is a bit longer than our usual show but pack full of information and fun facts about pirates!!!So Ahoy, Matey and Shiver me timbers!The cocktail we will be discussing today is called Bumbo (which yes is a rum from our rum tasting show we did that comes from Barbados). This cocktail is a spin off of the Royal Navy Grog which was rationed out each day on British navy ship back in the days!!We give you the history of how "talk Like A Pirate" day started.Bumbo rum! What is it and where does it come from? Listen to find out about this delicious rum!We go through an old school recipe (piracy era) and new school recipe of the Bumbo which has rum, water, spices, sugar and tons of flavor!Pirate legends: In this segment we give your all the juicy details about some famous pirates that we all know and grew up with in movies, books and stories. Black beard, Captain henry Morgan (yes, the guy on the rum bottle which actually didn't have a lot to do with rum til later), and Sir Francis Drake who was the first to circumnavigate the globe!!!Erica goes into great detail about two female famous pirates that had quit the adventure and maybe fouled people by dressing up as men. They had the reasons and she goes into why they did this. They also have more speculation and tales then facts on some of their journey as the history books couldn't put information together. But, it's a great story and Erica tells it to us!!Now, most important thing to do on TLAP day if anything you do is get yourself a pirate name. Rob and Erica break down their name and they challenged us to come up with ours as well. Slippy Stephens here will be my name from here on now or so be the black spot be ah cursed upon me!!! We go through just how to do and not use these typical name generators out there. Have fun with it and make your co-workers and family call you that for the day!!On "Did you know?" segment: We cover all the positions on a pirate ship and navy ship today as well that you would see. Captain, Quarter Master, Pusser, Boatswain, Carpenter (who would also be in charge of amputations...ouch), Sailing Master, Coopers, Cabin Boys and finally Powder Monkeys (not real monkeys ha ha). Links to the show:Rob Brunner's magazine article he writes about pirates and navy (in the magazine it's French on left column and English on right column and Rob's pirate name is William Blydes in the articles: https://fliphtml5.com/homepage/gybp?fbclid=IwAR0tallgpfoFbWE1kTrJzKvrPfWrEJjS7iNSCqHWju9XuQmtmjA923pEiWsRob and Erica's "Cut and Run" Youtube video on knots and pirate games: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B4tn1porX-8Recipes for the show: https://tikicentralcanada.ca/recipes/So remember: dead men tell no tales and enjoy your  clap of thunder!!!!
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    Episode 78: Episode 78: Disney's Trader Sam's and cocktails


    Hey guys,Sorry for the delay as COVID is still playing havoc with running a bar but that's another story!!This episode we will be talking about Disney land and park but more specifically Trader Sam's bars that are featured in those areas. The Enchanted Tiki room gets some coverage as well in this show and so we have all the bases covered for your trip to Disney.We do two of the Trader Sam's cocktails: The Castaway Crush and the Rosita's Margarita. The Castaway cocktail was a three thumbs up by all of us and a definite addition to any tiki party or for yourself to enjoy on that nice summer night (OK, it's fall soon but you know what I mean)!! In the Castaway cocktail we are using a spirit called Cachaça or as Paola also says it can be called Pinga. You know me and my pronunciation so I went with Pinga. They both feature some layers of tropical spices and sweetness that you just got to try. The other cocktail (Margarita) uses George Clooney's Casamigos Tequila which I highly recommend as your premium if not only tequila. we go indepth into his story on how this spirit started. How did I get the recipes? Well listen as I'll give you a bartender's trick!!!On "Mark's adventures" segment: we are talking about Trader Sam's in both parks and a few things about the ones around the world. Did you know it was the first place that Audio-Animatronics was used in the Enchanted Tiki room which we also discuss. Walt was before his time for sure on this. We discuss how the show started and has it changed over the years....fire?? Well, yeah we talk about that too!!! The show has been around for decades and still going strong today!!On "Did you know?" segment: we talk about the tiki room was the first attraction at the park to have AC....why? Well, listen to find out. Also, the 4 talking Macaws have something in common. HINT: "Est-ce que tu parles français?". Also, who sponsored the attraction then and now? Links to the show:Recipes for the show: https://tikicentralcanada.ca/recipes/Mark's adventures page: https://tikicentralcanada.ca/marks-tiki-page/Enchanted Tiki Room history video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ct0iStBQl0Walt's project of EPCOT was suppose to be a city video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9hqLo4J6mrQ
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    Episode 77: Episode 77: Black Tot/International Day and Sea Shanties


    Hi guys,So this show is close to my heart in many ways! Yes, it's tiki and I'm the tiki guy but also we are going to talk about International Rum Day (August 16th) and Black Tot (July 30th 1970) which just pasted. We will also have drinks of course...what is a show without drinks...hmmm..Cosmos maybe (yeah I like the show too Ok). No, we will also be talking about Sea Shanties which for me brings me back to family home turf of Nova Scotia. Why and what is a Sea Shanty? Well, you have to listen now won't ya!!!So, drinks for this show is a classic Grog and Bahama Mama! But, Craig, we know these drinks and you have done them before....well with a new twist from our good folks at Pusser's British Navy rum and their website we given them a new look!!!So what is Black Tot day and what does it mean?? Well, you have to go back to 1655 (yeah that far back when the British Navy took over Jamaica and realized that they had this amazing supply of rum and so it became a staple and essential item on their ships which eventually carried over to pirates and privateers (what are they?...that's our "Talk like a Pirate" show with Rob Brunner our navy expert soon to come)!!! ON That note...way off topic. So Black Tot Day is when the British Navy said no more rum rations to the sailors on the ships daily and it became a rum that you and I could buy. Get this, you buy a bottle and some of the proceeds go to the British Navy retirement fund. Yeah, so drink up!!!We go more in-depth into this rum , the word "proof" and so much more.On "Did you know?" segment: we talk about sea shanties and how they started. Sailors started this along time ago (over 100 years ago). Today, we see it on Tik Tok as a popular part of our social media now (even the Trailer Boys have their version).  What is Tiki Tok?  Well, hmmm I don't know. Get it...anyways we talk about how a sea shanty went from ship to shore and now is famous folk songs in a place called??? Wait for it Legend...dairy...no, Nova Scotia and yes other parts of the world. Famous bands such as Irish Rovers and Rankin Family have song that started as sea shanties!!!Link to the recipe page: https://tikicentralcanada.ca/recipes/You Tube video for Wellman sea shanty: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qP-7GNoDJ5cYou Tube video for Drunken Sailor Shanty: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PV-052YJ-ZsDocumentary Video on the history of sea shanties: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lqC2-wY_AxwYou Tube video on drinks and sea shanties: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gLlIMN1RTJEPusser's Rum Grog and Bahama Mama page: https://pussersrum.com/blogs/logbook/5-delicious-rum-cocktails-to-help-you-celebrate-black-tot-day?_pos=1&_sid=136980fee&_ss=r
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    Episode 76: Episode 76: Building a Tiki Bar and Mocktails


    Hey Folks,Sorry again for the delay...opening my bar after the lockdown as you can imagine has been more work than I thought. I do apologize for the delay.So this show is not our usual format as we are talking about build a tiki bar and how to decorate it. It's summertime and we all have been coupe up way too long. So, now we can have friends and family over for some BBQ and of course, cocktails!!! We will give you guidelines (yes that is what they are) on how to build and decorate your own oasis!Now wait Craig...we want drinks! OK OK..yes, we are Tiki Central and what is a show without drinks. But since you are building a bar and having family over (including the kids), we thought why not do a show about mocktails (cocktails with no alcohol). Paola of course was tickled pink that she can finally talk about drinks with no booze in them. We did throw in a banana to throw her off though. Don't tell her that!!!So Mocktails today is the BCC (banana, coconut, cream and cinnamon as well) and the Nojitio ( a Mojito with no alcohol). Mark and I go into some Canadian locations to find things to decorate and stock your bar: Bamboo Toronto, Tiki Escapes, Kitchenalia, Cocktail Emporium, and for people out in BC, Cheeky Tiki. These all have great websites to shop on and curbside plus delivery as well. We do get into what kind of themes are out there for your bar such as Disney, Exotica (don and trader Vic's like) or Miami beach theme (mine). Please do remember to make it your own and it's your own oasis at home. Music (jukebox), lighting, and decorations we go over as well. Enjoy your summer and cocktails please!!!Links to the show:Recipes: https://tikicentralcanada.ca/recipes/Previous episode on Build a tiki bar (mark's page): https://tikicentralcanada.ca/marks-tiki-page/ (scroll down to mid page and that is also where we show you my glasswasher technique)Kitchenalia website: https://kitchenalia.ca/Cocktail Emporium: https://www.cocktailemporium.com/Bamboo Toronto: https://bambootoronto.ca/Tiki Escapes: http://www.tikiescapes.com/index.htmlOceanic Arts: https://www.oceanicarts.net/Cheeky Tiki: https://www.cheekytikishop.com/
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    Episode 75: Episode 74: The Bitters Show and Mark's Adventures: Tiki Rock


    Hey folks,Sorry for the delay on the show as the show’s file got corrupted and the whole editing process had to be started all over again!!! Computers …right!!!This show is all about bitters! Now, you are asking yourself or me in this case…what is bitters and how does it affect a drink’s taste? Well, we will dive into the answer which really goes back to the old times of pre-historic medicine. Yeah, bitters were a medical ingredient that you would add to your food or drink and resolve medical issues such as upset stomach or arthritis. Why don’t we use it now for medical treatment…well it was mostly the reason you see in old western where the man in the wagon has this magical liqueur to fix it all and through time, we found other ways to resolve these issues. Also, most of the time it did not really work!So, we are doing two cocktails for you today using bitters: East India Cocktail and Triggerfish Cocktail (yes, that is the state fish of Hawaii). It goes by another name, but you know me I cannot pronounce it. If you really want the name, here it is: HUMUHUMUNUKUNUKUAPUA'A!!!On “Craig’s Creation” segment: we will do you guessed it, another bitter cocktail of my own called the Fred Collins Fizz. There were cocktails made back in the 30s called Fizz which would have soda or pop of some kind in it. You might have heard of a Gin Fizz (same concept).On “Mark’s Adventures” segment: We talk about a tiki bar (well tropical one) in Boston!! That is right…get your chowder here!! This newly recent bar Tiki Rock (2018) is in an historical building in downtown Boston and features some of the classic cocktails plus their own spin on drinks. Mark walks us through some of the cool features of this bar and of course the drinks as well. The even have one called ScrumdiddlyRumptious!!! How cool is that name? I know I need to work on my drink naming skills…Norma!!!On “The Brazilian” segment: Paola dives into the way they welcome and greet each other in public. No high fives here but some kisses on the check. It has at times when she first came to Canada got herself into some trouble. The other thing we talk about is that Brazilians are cool about you trying to speak Portuguese and no, that not Spanish!!!Show links: Recipes: https://tikicentralcanada.ca/recipes/Cool Links for the Bitters Book used on the show: https://tikicentralcanada.ca/cool-links/Mark’s Adventures’ page: https://tikicentralcanada.ca/marks-tiki-page/How to make the HUMUHUMUNUKUNUKUAPUA'A cocktail YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vlugfKyLKmcCool video on the Trigger fish YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aj4Qcw5XLbwHow to make the Pineapple syrup at home YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KOFPh7KR1Rs&t=103s 
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    Episode 74: Episode 74: Tiki Jukebox show (part 2)


    Hey guys,So here is part two of the tiki jukebox show for this year. We only did 10 songs like last year as there was so many we could have gone on for hours. Craig's playlist is the calypso music and let's get the party started near the pool!! (Paola calls it Cancun party music....Mark's playlist is the traditional tiki exotica music we come to hear when you hit those tiki bars and escape from reality...ahh the bars!!!So if you are having people over (yes, we finally get to do that now) then check out our tiki jukebox page and we have all the links to our Spotify playlists for you (even Paola contributed this year).So my playlist has some of the following artist: Daddy Yankee, Ricky Martin, Camila Cabello and many others.Mark's playlist has some of the following artist: Gold Dust Lounge, The Flaps, The Hula Girls and many others.So here are the links to the playlist website:https://tikicentralcanada.ca/tiki-jukebox/So get your cold tiki beverage ready and enjoy some amazing music!!To subscribe to our show or get our newsletter: https://tikicentralcanada.ca/subscribe/And for our recipes: https://tikicentralcanada.ca/recipes/
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    Episode 73: episode 73: annual Tiki JukeBox show (PART 1)


    Hey guys,Sorry for the delay as with COVID our post production team shut down and so this put a delay on this episode. We will be giving you guys our top 10 playlist for this year for your tiki parties or just to sit back in your backyard and enjoy a cocktail while listening to it. Paola, this year has contributed as well to our list and with baby in mind she brought some soothing melodies to it. I, on the other hand, brought the party, the fast paced and Caribbean sounds to the list. Mark went his usual tiki exotica ways and its a great list to listen to when you are home and just want to unwind.We have added Spotify playlist on our tiki page which is the following link: https://tikicentralcanada.ca/tiki-jukebox/So sit back and get ready to listen to some great music and invite your friends over as well. What is a party with friends and great cocktails?
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    Episode 72: Episode 72: Cinco De Mayo Celebration


    Hey guys,It's that time of year that we do our Cinco De Mayo show and some great tequila drinks. Today, we will be doing 2 tiki cocktails for you (well, one maybe considered not a tiki cocktail but it brings the sunshine into your glass).Tiki Rita Cocktail (I got from a Patron website) brings in tequila but some tiki ingredients we all know. The combination of lime juice, grapefruit juice, vanilla and all spice dram (pimento dram). The other cocktail is a traditional drink from the 80's, Tequila sunrise cocktail. We do explain a proper method to make this simple drink. On "Craig's Creation" segment: we are making a drink with tequila that apparently I can't pronounce but we have Paola for that. I make the drinks and Norma names them so it's not my fault. Blancafuoco cocktail is a combination of tequila, vanilla, maraschino liqueur, lime juice and club soda (not pop). It's a great combination of Italian and Mexican products that makes a nice summer refreshing cocktail.On "Did you Know?" segment today, we talk about the beginning of this celebration and why do we celebrate it for? Mexico and several wars lead to this battle that took only 5 hours to finish (yeah basically a long Star Wars movie...oh happy May 4th for you guys too). The European countries wanted pay back on the loans Mexico had but it was France who invaded Mexico and later on took over Mexico city. Was I suppose to put the spoiler in there? LOLLinks to the show:Craig's Creation: https://tikicentralcanada.ca/craigs-creation/Tiki Rita (Patron page) : https://www.patrontequila.com/global-en/cocktails/patron-reposado/tiki-rita.htmlTequila sunrise recipe video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QmBkd_Zxv8kAll Spice Dram recipe:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qc9Z75hMgPI&t=21sVanilla bean syrup YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yNzJWNdWe2AVanilla bean syrup Monin bottle: https://www.monin.com/ca/vanilla-syrup.htmlCinco de mayo video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QIICWQyK72YBONUS VIDEO: Petco Unleashed Chihuahua Race Finals: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t0cU9eTO5Vg

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