Three Stories: Homilies by Fr. Dave Ayotte (1960-2021) podcast

Three Stories: Homilies by Fr. Dave Ayotte (1960-2021)

Fr. Dave Ayotte ~ St. Monica Catholic Community

Sharing “three stories” was a hallmark of Fr. Dave’s inspiring homilies. So, with a wink and a smile, like him, here is a collection of his weekly homilies or snippets of wisdom we have collected during the time he was Associate Pastor at St. Monica Catholic Community. Fr. Dave was born in Montreal, Canada in 1960 and moved from Montreal to Los Angeles when he was a young boy. He had an insatiable thirst for learning and acquiring knowledge as evidenced later by his four Masters’ degrees, a doctorate in Systemic Theology and a deep passion for the writings of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, SJ. Fr. Dave fortified relationships, families, communities and, most importantly, our Church. In so beautifully following Jesus’ instructions, Dave tirelessly and selflessly gave all he had to give and invites us to do the same for one another. Fr. David John Ayotte peacefully passed to our dear Lord on Nov. 29, 2021.

18 Episodes