DMT Entities, Carl Jung's Mysticism, and Ancient Wisdom | Alexander Beiner | Mind Meld 382

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Author of The Bigger Picture,  consciousness explorer, and co-founder of Rebel Wisdom, Alexander Beiner enters the mind meld!

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Alex is the author of The Bigger Picture, executive director of Breaking Convention, and co-founder of one of my favorite YouTube channels, Rebel Wisdom. Alex also participated in a groundbreaking study at Imperial College London, in which, participants were given extended-state, high-dose, intravenous DMT. His experiences, as you’ll hear, were profound, alien, and life-changing.

In this one, we also riff on the importance of balancing intellectual and non-propositional (experience-based) knowing, wielding numerous philosophical lenses Carl Jung's mysticism, ancient wisdom, consciousness, and much more

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