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Shawn Li

They Got Game will be bringing you the most important nonsense about everything you need to know. Dave will dunk on you and Shawn knows things; he's Asian. We mostly talk about basketball, but will also talk about current events, politics, news, pop culture, economics, and anything else we find fascinating.

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  • They Got Game podcast

    Final Stretch of the Season, Magic Have Been Downgraded to the Illusionists


    Better late than never! Dave and Shawn give all their analysis of the NBA trades and give a perspective of the last few weeks of the season. Meyers Leonard should stick to private lobbies and leave the sweats alone. Shawn gives his take about the George Floyd verdict and gives Darnella Frazier a tip of the cap for her place in the history of American Civil Rights. 
  • They Got Game podcast

    They Got Game: Episode 10 - $50 million is a Lot of Money to Get the Hell Out of Detroit


    All-Star week is over and we are into the second half of the NBA season. Dave and Shawn break down all the happenings at the All-Star game, as well as all the recent buyout agreements. There is a little bit of news out of the NFL these days. Also, Dave and Shawn breakdown their midseason superlatives. Let's go!
  • They Got Game podcast

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  • They Got Game podcast

    They Got Game: Episode 9 - Anthony Edwards, from the Top Rope!!!


    Anthony Edwards threw down the dunk of the year on the head of Yuta Watanabe. It was so devastating, it made Shawn think about hate crimes. AD is out for weeks to months and the Lakers are going down with him. Malik Beasley is going to jail, and Boogie Cousins is on the move. Dave and Shawn address all these issues and also gripe about lines at Starbucks and whatever the hell is happening down in Texas.
  • They Got Game podcast

    They Got Game: Episode 8 - Can't (Game) Stop Won't (Game) Stop


    The Nets are really good and really bad at the same time it's incredibly confusing. Dave and Shawn try to figure out if the incredibly exciting Brooklyn team. Gamestop is rich again, or poor again. I can't keep track, but we try to figure out what is going on there. Dave hates Denzel Washington and Jared Leto, and Shawn loves Jason Sudeikis. We just passed the one-year anniversary of the tragic deaths of Kobe Bryant and GiGi Bryant. Shawn takes a minute to reflect on his life and death.
  • They Got Game podcast

    They Got Game: Episode 7 - Coach Felipe Eichenberger


    Dave and Shawn talk with the Denver Nuggets' head strength and conditioning coach, Felipe Eichenberger, to discuss Brazil, Nikola Jokic, what's up with Vlatko Čančar's insane abs, life in the new Covid NBA, and a bunch of other topics. Harden Watch comes to an end, and Dave is mad about the Packers. Come hang out with us and get all the info you need to pry yourself out of bed, today.
  • They Got Game podcast

    They Got Game: Episode 6 - We're Back, Like We Never Left


    With a little bit of an extended layover, we are back, baby! Dave and Shawn took a little break because of the holidays, then Shawn caught Covid and couldn't get out of bed for, like, forever. We recorded this a little before the Harden trade, but we will make sure to get that in the next episode. Thanks for sticking with us. We promise we won't do that again.
  • They Got Game podcast

    They Got Game: Episode 5 - Preseason Has Begun! And... Now It's Over.


    It was the week before Christmas, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring in the stands of NBA stadiums, because no fans were allowed. The lightning-fast preseason is here and we just have a few days until NBA regular-season games begin, with an amazing slate of games on Christmas day. Dave and Shawn discuss whatever the hell LaMelo Ball is doing with that awful looking shot, the new drama with Malik Beasley, and the changing of the Cleveland Indians team name.
  • They Got Game podcast

    They Got Game: Episode 4 - Where in the World is Carmen James Harden?


    We have one more week until preseason games start. Just amazing to think we are going to be watching games again in just a few days. Until then, we have a little gossipy headline of Malik Beasley and Larsa Pippen, we talk a little football and boxing as well. Dave and Shawn give their best fashion advice taking a look at the NBA's City Jersey lineup this season. Come hang out with us for a little while.
  • They Got Game podcast

    They Got Game: Episode 3 - The Beatdown


    We have a little lull before the storm that is the NBA season. The off-season is almost over, even though it just started. In this episode, we look ahead to training camp this week as well as talk about the EPICNESS that was the Triller boxing match last weekend between Nate Robinson and Jake Paul, and Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. Dave and Shawn are getting absolutely stoked for the new season. Come take a listen with us.
  • They Got Game podcast

    They Got Game: Episode 2 - The Draft Aftermath


    Whoo boy! We really get into the wild world that is the NBA offseason. A typical months-long process has been condensed into a couple of weeks. Dave can't believe the pure foolishness the NBA has been working on to keep the Bucks from succeeding. Shawn really needs to chill out because he went waaaaay over his allotment of swear words. All in all these last few weeks has kind of gotten us down and we take a good hard look at why that is. Join us for episode number 2.

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