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Debby Ryan

Hi there! I’m Debby Ryan. I’ve been an actor since I was thirteen - I’ve had the immense pleasure of creating TV shows and movies in which every story has a beginning, middle and end. But we all know, life isn’t like that. There are so many experiences in my life I haven’t gotten into because I didn’t feel like the media was the best place to open up about them. But this feels like a really great place for me to sit down with some incredible, smart and interesting people that I’ve met through my work and have those meaningful conversations with. Each week, I’m going to sit down with another guest as we try to be fully open and honest with each other and hopefully learn a thing or two along the way.

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  • There You Are with Debby Ryan podcast

    5 Beverages I’m Into


    On this episode of There You Are, I let you into my cup. Fan faves Kimmy Shields and Sam Lansky return to have a less-than-serious conversation about what we've been sipping on.
  • There You Are with Debby Ryan podcast

    5 Tips To Avoid Burnout


    On this episode of There You Are, I had a quick sweet conversation with Kimmy Shields [Insatiable, Big Little Lies, Ad Astra] out of abundance and not exhaustion.
  • There You Are with Debby Ryan podcast

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  • There You Are with Debby Ryan podcast

    5 Fiction Shows To Watch


    Welcome to the Season 2 premiere of There You Are. In this episode I talk with Mark Hoppus [Blink 182, Simple Creatures], Karan Brar [Jessie TBT, Pacific Rim: Uprising, Stargirl], and Sam Lansky [Author, "The Gilded Razor", "Broken People"] about some of our favorite fiction shows we've watched over the last year... Something for everyone!! Plus I throw in a few bonuses at the end because I like to talk!
  • There You Are with Debby Ryan podcast

    There You Are - Back And Better


    You thought you'd seen the last of me... I'm back with a snazzy new format to get into cool new topics with some new friends, and familiar voices you've come to love.
  • There You Are with Debby Ryan podcast

    Alison Brie on inspiration, going out of her comfort zone, and doing her own stunts


    Alison Brie [Glow, Community, Mad Men, Horse Girl] is an American actress, writer, director, and producer. Alison and Debby talk about Alison’s new movie Horse Girl which is streaming now on Netflix! Alison tells Debby about the creation of the film and why this is unlike anything she has ever done before. Plus they talk about mental illness, diversity in art, and building muscles!
  • There You Are with Debby Ryan podcast

    Erinn Westbrook on identity, representation, and working with animals


    Erinn Westbrook [Glee, Awkward, Insatiable] is an American actress, singer, dancer and model. Erinn sits down with Debby to talk about representation in the writers room and how important it is to be seen and heard. She talks about preparing for the role of Magnolia on Insatiable and lets Debby in on some fun behind the scenes moments.
  • There You Are with Debby Ryan podcast

    Dallas Roberts on the importance of art, being pretentious, and bringing Teva’s back.


    Dallas Roberts [The Walking Dead, The Good Wife, The L Word] is a very pretentious American actor. Dallas and Debby found some time while on a press tour in Milan to talk about their work together on Insatiable and how lucky they both feel to have worked together. Dallas talks about his experience as an actor and why he feels the job of an actor is noble work. And he manages to give Debby the best “front hand compliment” anyone ever could.
  • There You Are with Debby Ryan podcast

    Irene Choi on playing Dixie, Asian American representation, and the power of inclusivity in Hollywood.


    Irene Choi [Community, Mozart in the Jungle, Insatiable] is an actress. Irene and Debby sit down to talk about what it’s like to play Dixie and what she thinks motivates her behavior. Irene also shares her experience as an Asian American in Hollywood and what it was like to be given an opportunity on Insatiable to explore a more nuanced version of an often overlooked story. Debby also gets a chance to get a little more insight from Lisa Parsons a writer on season 2 of Insatiable as well as some perspective on inclusivity in TV and Film from Tatiana Lee from
  • There You Are with Debby Ryan podcast

    Arden Myrin on playing a serial killer, her mother’s passing, and stealing people’s food.


    Arden Myrin [ Mad TV, Shameless, Insatiable] is an American actress and comedian. Arden tells Debby what it was like to play Regina on Insatiable and how hard it was to keep her big season 2 ending secret from the rest of the cast. She also walks Debby through the surprising and tragic death of both of her parents and how Debby was there for her when her mother passed during the shooting of season 2. Arden and Debby talk about the pressures of being a woman in Hollywood which led to Arden stealing people’s food.
  • There You Are with Debby Ryan podcast

    Christopher Gorham on masculinity, taking his shirt off and interacting with fans


    Christopher Gorham [Ugly Betty, Poplar, Covert Affairs, Insatiable]  is an American actor. Christopher and Debby talk about his character, Bob Barnard, on Insatiable and what it’s like always being asked to take his shirt off. Christopher tells Debby his thoughts on the sexualization of men on TV and how the tone of the feedback on his sex scenes has changed since playing Bob on Insatiable.

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