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The Dan Bongino Sunday Special 03/19/23 - Jason Whitlock, Leo Terrell, Lauren Boebert, Charlie Gasparino

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First, we talked with Jason Whitlock about how sports became woke, how China is the biggest influence in American sports culture now, and how being conservative changed his career. Next, Leo Terrell talks about the release of the J6 videos and how the J6 committee should face consequences for withholding evidence in Jacob Chancely’s case. Then, Lauren Boebert talks about the newly released J6 videos, how we’re winning against media manipulation, and the Covid hearings. Finally, Charlie Gasparino on the recent bank failures and why the terrible economic policies of the Biden administration are going to lead to a world of hurt. BONUS: Dan, talking about the snowflakes at Stanford Law goes on an epic rant about safe spaces. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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