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Your Epic Summer Bucket List! | The WISDOM podcast | S3 E60

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Your Epic Summer Bucket List!

The WISDOM podcast  Season 3  Episode 60


~ Your epic summer awaits... ~


This episode is dedicated to my client Kenzie and every teenager who is excitedly planning and dreaming about what will be their epic summer!



As we embark on a new month it’s time for both the thrill and the ease of summer. We’ve earned it. It’s been difficult and challenging to live through a pandemic and as we are in many parts of the world, not yet feeling the certain grounding of life, I hope that we have all learned this important teaching: to be grateful in the simple luxuries we have always had and the ability to live ~ to return to this and something even better.


This summer and after more than two years of living without the freedoms we have all most notably taken for granted; freedom that I hope you will appreciate and not forget – this is your summer to soar – to move in the world with love, and to embrace the idea of limitless possibility.


In this episode of ‘ask dorothy’ I share with you the first annual summer epic bucket list that happens to be the brainchild of my client Kenzie who graciously said ‘Yes!’ to allowing me to use her first name and to share much of her list ~ to which I couldn’t help but think that at 15, not only is she wise beyond her years for the items that she has chosen on her list, but also most of these items are what you and I would benefit from and enjoy as well.


Kenzie asked me spontaneously during one of our recent sessions if she could share some of her summer bucket list. We then set out to add a few more items and what I loved was her impromptu explaining of why these were important to her.


Perhaps you too will contemplate why the items on your summer bucket list are meaningful to you. When we name the reasons for why something is important to us, it becomes even more special and we are more likely to seek that out.


As I share some of Kenzie’s list here, let it inspire you to create your own epic summer bucket list. Enjoy where your ideals and wish-filled desires lead you – beyond adventure, beyond self-awareness and autonomy and into what magic is in store for you as you reach beyond the typical and as you embrace every moment of summer!


Sending you great 💜 love...


Sharing the wisdom and beauty of divine love with you...



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