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The WISDOM podcast  Season 3  Episode 73


 ~ You hold the path of light within you as you walk in peace.  Peace begins within you. ~



What makes for a peaceful existence? In moments when you feel peace, what is happening?

Are you alone? Are you in nature? Are you happy? Are you grateful?


Can we all live a peaceful life amidst the turmoil and chaos in the world?

Can you live a peaceful life by choice?

Can you be peaceful when others are not this?



If you’re joining me, perhaps you are looking for a means by which you can live far more peaceful in the moments of your own life.


You can find serenity and peace with your own thoughts and in how you respond and react to others ~ and with yourself ~ that hold for you the sacred ground of pure consciousness ~ and in the free will choice to live peaceful.



Peace begins with a conscious choice and a deliberate (sacred) intention*.


I spoke of sacred intentions in a recent podcast episode as the divinely inspired sacred ground of what you are inspired and committed to ~ and I circle back to their importance here again because one of your sacred intentions may be to live peaceful in your words and actions and in who you are becoming.


You hold the path of light within you as you walk in peace. To be peaceful by choice and especially when another is not willing nor able to do the same is the ultimate entry into living remarkably.


You can begin this quest together with me ...and with three questions.  Join me as we answer these together!




Sending you great love...



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