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The Grace of Inner Fulfillment | The WISDOM podcast | S3 E76

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The Grace of Inner Fulfillment

The WISDOM podcast  Season 3  Episode 76


 “Live in the unconditional love and wisdom that resides within you.”



This is a highly interactive episode! – That is, I’ll be asking questions as we go along – to help you to see the ways in which you can live that will nourish and fulfill you beyond what you have known.


I encourage you to have a place where you can make some notes, to write your answers – even to pause the audio where it feels important to ponder my questions. This will be how you get so much more value and guidance from all that is here.


I also have a list of the questions I ask in the description. These are wonderful to use as journal prompts in which to dive deeper ~ to know the value of all that you do to live fulfilled and whole.


What is inner fulfillment? Inner fulfillment is the experience of wholeness of your true self.


It is the myriad of ways in which we find and feel the source of peace and tranquility and love that is our true nature.


Inner fulfillment is made simple. It is for us to remember the beautiful expressions of life that give us desire, abundance and the perfection of the present to enjoy what life’s precious moments have in store for us.


Yet do we base our moment by moment choices and the greater decisions of our life on much of what lives and breaths outside of us? What we are influenced by in the world around us?



On most occasions, our decisions are driven by what fulfills us.


And yet, can you feel fulfilled because of who you are?


Who you are is how you show up in each moment again and again and again. This gives you infinite opportunities to feel fulfillment that is built upon what is sustainable and lasting – you.




Questions for Your Journey of Inner Fulfillment...

1. What fulfills you?

2. How do you live a fulfilling life? Why is this important?

3. Why is inner fulfillment an important value and ideal that when we are deeply conscious of, adds a depth of meaning and purpose to everything we do ~ so that nothing is irrelevant, nothing is ordinary, nothing is unimportant?


The Definition of Fulfillment: to develop the full potentialities, to feel full, to be satisfied


4. In the spiritual definition of inner fulfillment, “What are the ways that you can live in the unconditional love and wisdom that resides within you?”


5. What does it mean to live fulfilled? all that you do and all that you are?


6. What are three actions and habits that you do each day that fulfill and nourish you? What is it about who you are and how you live life that allows you to feel complete, whole, content, happy ~ fulfilled?


7. How do your choices/actions/beliefs/thoughts fulfill you?


8. You can ask yourself, what do I love to do most? This is both rewarding and fulfilling for you and it is also a part of what you have to offer the world ~ your contribution ~ your greatness.


9. How do you experience wholeness?


10. What makes it possible to feel whole?


11. What does wholeness feel like?


12. Can wholeness begin with the knowledge that you ....are complete as you are. You have everything that you need to be and live of pure goodness, kindness and love (living of your highest integrity), as this is what will always feel best.


13. What can you be aware of that opens your eyes and your heart to the practice of self-fulfillment?


“All of the perfect grace of eternity lives in the beauty of your life in the power of what you know as truth – in the grace and comfort in all things. ~ All moments you seek are the moments of wholeness that live within you ~ that live within each one of us.”



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