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Self-Discipline as Self-Mastery | The WISDOM podcast | S3 E86

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Self-Discipline as Self-Mastery

The WISDOM podcast  Season 3  Episode 86


 “ Self-Discipline IS Self-Mastery.  Being disciplined is how we get things done. ”



Do any of your desires require greater discipline, self-control, or the fierce passion and unrelenting belief in what is wanted?


We need to remember ~ to remind ourselves that self-discipline is also a guiding approach to everything.


It is holding belief in our ability to manifest ~ to obtain or achieve something that we do not yet see or taste or touch in our material world and it is also the energy we bring to everything that determines our role in what we do and what we live.


If you are at the edge of a precipice in your life – if something is wanted and perhaps you’ve been struggling with this, whether a goal or a new habit or a different way of thinking and being and if you haven’t yet been able to get there, let’s walk through some of the ways that you can approach your desires with the inner fire of discipline.


And I’m also going to share one simple and powerful way that will help you get started ~ now.


But first....a few more questions to help you contemplate what is wanted in a very clear way.


What can you draw from that allows you to feel impassioned with life and with the aspects of your life that you wish to focus upon?


Where can you hold fierce discipline and simultaneously the benevolence (a devotion to do good and to be loving kindness) of living with your heart open to give and receive?



~ Tapas are spiritual practices that often involve a high degree of self-discipline, solitude and periods of deep meditation. ~


Because discipline works best if you are kind and patient yet firm and loving with yourself throughout the process.


What becomes for you a new and refined practice of discipline may be best practised as a spiritual discipline ~ as something that is acquired out of love and servitude to yourself for a higher goal or purpose that is beyond you ~ that is bigger than you...

and the way in which you can approach all of life then becomes a practice of grace.



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