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DHARANA ~ Concentration | The Sixth Limb | The WISDOM podcast | S3 E67

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DHARANA ~ Concentration

The Sixth Limb of The Yoga Sutras

The WISDOM podcast  Season 3  Episode 67


~ Holding unwavering, one-pointed focus. ~



Dharana is the practice of choosing what you focus your attention upon rather than being led by the constant thinking of thoughts that you feel helpless to control. Indeed controlling your thoughts is about choosing where you place your focus including what thoughts you will hold in place of the thoughts that are not helpful.



Dharana as concentration becomes a state of being that allows you to let go of restless or anxious thoughts, or the need to solve problems or to worry about something that is on your ‘to do list’ for today, for the practice is in holding focus in what you are choosing now.


Dharana applies to everything in your life. It’s sacred practice is about filling the mind with one single activity or focus for the time that you have chosen to do this.


Join me for this beautiful exploration of the sixth limb of the Yoga Sutras ~ DHARANA.


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