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Cultivating Self-Awareness ~ A Spiritual Practice | The WISDOM podcast | S3 E78

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Cultivating Self-Awareness ~ A Spiritual Practice

The WISDOM podcast  Season 3  Episode 78


 “Approach each day and action with a sense of sacredness. Heed the present moment.”



Self-Awareness is the sacred attention you give to yourself in light of all that you are and all that you continue to seek.  ~ dorothy zennuriye juno


Now let’s take self-awareness a step beyond...


Sometimes we forget that we are the most ever present source of our own knowledge.

For all that you continue to seek ~ for all that is in the path of your awakened state ~ for all that you bring here and into the present moment, you life becomes the sojourn of your expression.


To cultivate self-awareness is to be present in the moments of your life as they unfold ~ as they hold you near ~ as they reveal the truth ~ the truth that sometimes you are quick to disprove or diminish ~ its possibilities not yet clear.


Instead, the practice is to be willing to look ~ to see ~ to know that what is there ~ what is waiting, what is yours to uncover is ultimately for your benefit ~ your understanding, your free will choice whether to the energy of change you create around this or to let it be as it is.


Seek to know thyself. Know what is yours and what has never been a part of you.

This is the path of wholeness. This is the path to living awake and aware and of discovering the world and your life from a place of true miracles, true messages of goodness, of hope, of dedication, of love that is for you the blessings of life that you live now.



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