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BONUS: The Application of Psychology in Financial Planning

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With the future of our profession continuing to shift towards the human side of advice and the CFP Board's announcement earlier this year that they added "The Psychology of Financial Planning" as a principal knowledge topic, it's becoming crucial for advisors to start familiarizing themselves with this aspect of the business.

At the same time, it's too much to think that advisors and planners are all going to become experts in financial therapy, financial coaching, life planning, etc. on top of all the work that already comes with the job.

A couple weeks ago, the FPA of San Francisco hosted a panel discussion on the application of psychology in financial planning.

Brendan moderated a panel that included Amy Mullen, Meghaan Lurtz, and Lexi Olian.

They covered:

  • An overview of the main pillars of psychology in financial planning
  • The differences between each pillar
  • A few practical ideas from each pillar that advisors can apply to their practice and conversations

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