The Unwritten Playbook podcast

The Unwritten Playbook

Megan Bowen

The Unwritten Playbook is a podcast focused on showcasing new ways of thinking and breaking away from how things have always been done. We will explore topics ranging from marketing, sales, customer success, operations but also personal development, career development and leadership themes. We will host guests who have unique points of view and can share innovative ideas for what the future brings.

41 Episodes

  • The Unwritten Playbook podcast

    Unwritten Playbook Season 2 Update


    Megan is taking a hiatus from the Unwritten Playbook, but worry not! She'll be back later this year with a new and improved format to keep the Unwritten Playbook fresh. Thank you so much for your support thus far, and looking forward to seeing you soon!
  • The Unwritten Playbook podcast

    Episode 40 - People over Product with Jason Riedel


    This week on the Unwritten Playbook, Megan sits down with Jason Riedel, the Co-Founder & CTO @ Aspireship, to talk about whether a company's greatest asset is either their product, or their people. They discuss the importance of empathy in leadership, and the importance of the mental health of the employees as it relates to coming into work, and the importance of goals when it comes to your career's, and life's, trajectory.
  • The Unwritten Playbook podcast

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  • The Unwritten Playbook podcast

    Episode 39 - Strategy and Productivity Misconceptions with Karim Zuhri


    This week on the Unwritten Playbook, Megan sits down with the Chief Operating Officer at Cascade, Karim Zuhri to discuss the common misconceptions about both strategy and productivity. They analyze the preconceptions of both, and how we need to reshape that thinking in order to drive meaningful change in our business. 
  • The Unwritten Playbook podcast

    Episode 38 - The New Era of Recruiting with Nate Guggia


    This week, Megan sat down with Nate Guggia, Co-founder & GTM at Before You Apply, to talk everything about employer branding and talent acquisition. They break it all down from both an employer and candidate point of view, revealing the ways that the entire recruiting industry is ready for disruption. 
  • The Unwritten Playbook podcast

    Episode 37 - Is Industry Experience Necessary for Success? with MJ Peters


    On this week's episode of The Unwritten Playbook, Megan speaks with MJ Peters, VP of Growth at Refine Labs, and former VP of Marketing at Firetrace International on whether or not industry experience is required for success. They discuss how hiring managers should be thinking about evaluating talent differently, and how candidates can position themselves for success in interviews, as well as actionable steps for both.
  • The Unwritten Playbook podcast

    Episode 36: The Status Quo of Sellers with Logan Lyles


    This week on The Unwritten Playbook, Megan talks with Logan Lyles, the VP of Customer Experience at Sweet Fish, about the old status quos of sales, how salespeople are changing, and how salespeople need to adapt and evolve to meet the needs of buyers that are more educated than ever. 
  • The Unwritten Playbook podcast

    Episode 35: Customer Success 2.0 with Chris Hicken


    This week on The Unwritten Playbook, Megan exchanges customer success wisdom with Chris Hicken, Co-Founder and CEO of 'nuffsaid. What is Customer Success 2.0, and how do we get there?  These two CS veterans dive deep into how the success function in your business can and should be a main driver for your revenue engine.
  • The Unwritten Playbook podcast

    Episode 34: The Growth At All Cost Mentality with Kalim Aull


    On this week's Unwritten Playbook, Megan breaks it down with Kalim Aull, Co-Founder of Servicecycle LLC. They ponder why companies play the dangerous game of growing as fast as possible without thinking of the repercussions. There needs to be a focus on your people first, who then in turn support your customers, which leads to a healthier and happier business stabilized for long-term growth.  
  • The Unwritten Playbook podcast

    Episode 33: The Buyer Experience Above All Else with James Buckley


    On this episode of the Unwritten Playbook, Megan exchanges tactics and tips with James Buckley, Director of Business Development at JB Sales Training, about how to separate yourself from the competition with the best buying experience for your customers. With rampant competition and the need for speed, selling has become a hyperactive numbers game, but what gets lost is the human side of buying. 
  • The Unwritten Playbook podcast

    Episode 32: B2B, Why So Serious? with Jon Selig


    This week Megan chats with half salesguy, half stand-up comedian Jon Selig to crack wise about why B2B takes itself so seriously. Sparking conversation and building trust through humor is a lost art in today's robotic business world. The process of writing jokes for your prospects can lead to enhanced learning, understanding, and subject matter expertise. Come for the puns, stay for the career enlightenment.

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