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Nikita Brown

Let's uncomplicate social media shall we? The Travel Lab Podcast breaks down all of the latest in social media strategy in a light and conversational way. Successful media company Founder, Content Creator and Digital Strategist for big brands in and out of the travel industry, host Nikita unpacks new social media trends and connects the dots so travel agents can show up with clarity and confidence. On The Travel Lab Podcast, you can expect social media tips, conversations with travel industry and digital marketing experts, and actionable strategies you can start using right away to market your travel business on social media.

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    Why Travel Advisors Need To Keep Posting On Social Media Even In A Pandemic


    I get it — not all of your followers are ready to travel and we're still in a pandemic, so you may be feeling less than motivated to keep up with social media. But it's important now more than ever to keep your travel business visible, and to keep nurturing your followers. Let's talk it through — In this latest episode I'm giving you a loving kick in the pants to KEEP GOING + some actionable strategies you can use right now to keep connecting with your followers and set yourself up for future success. See for privacy information.
  • Social Jetsetter podcast

    Digital Marketing Trends That Should Be On Your Radar In 2021


    In this first podcast of 2021 I weigh in on social media marketing trends to watch this year with Nicole Barrett, host of the the Hey Travelpreneur Podcast.  We break down the trends, including some of Instagram's new features, and we offer insight on how you can use them to grow your travel agency and kick your digital marketing into high gear this year. Find out Nicole over at See for privacy information.
  • Social Jetsetter podcast

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  • Social Jetsetter podcast

    The Limiting Beliefs Holding You Back


    Friend, I get it. Putting yourself out there on social media can be scary! It can feel uncomfortable and overwhelming. And going all in when you don't know exactly what's on the other side is scary too! Recovering perfectionist over here! 🙋‍♀️. But I believe in you. I believe in the value you bring to the table as a travel agent, and that value is SO much bigger than your fears. So let's unpack those limiting beliefs that are holding you back from attracting more clients from social media. See for privacy information.
  • Social Jetsetter podcast

    How To Stop Blending In With All The Travel Content On Social Media


    Are you just blending in on social media? With all of the travel content from OTAs, suppliers, travel bloggers, influencers and other travel agents, toy might be getting lost in all of the noise. Let's unpack my proven strategy for standing out and attracting travel clients who are genuinely excited to work with you. See for privacy information.
  • Social Jetsetter podcast

    Why I Didn't Want To Start A Podcast


    Why I didn't want to start a podcast, and why my reason may be stopping you from showing up and going all in on social media. See for privacy information.

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