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Tie Course Reviews-Great Fast Paced, Full Game Examination, and Subtly Difficult Golf Courses!

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Tie Course Reviews is back for more and today we have three new categories of courses for you all:

First off, great fast paced golf courses. These are places where not only is fast play possible, but is highly valued by those who play the course. A joy of a walk that displays the simplicity of the game and how it doesn't take much to create a high quality experience.

Second, courses that examine the full bag. Tournament play is going  to be what really makes this place shine as the ultimate test of a competitor isn't necessarily how he good is she with one or two tools, but how many tools is she competent with. These courses can be fun, but also fairly challenging for the less practiced golfer.

Lastly, we will chat about courses that display subtle difficulty. This is the antithesis of late 90's "Open Doctored" sort of golf that is all about length, rough, and narrow fairways. Rather, these courses will show difficulty through the use of hazards in a very organic manner, as well as through making shortgrass the ultimate penalty of the game. Strategy and understanding of holes will be at a premium.

Thanks as always for being here and don't hesitate to reach out with thoughts or comments at the links below!

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