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The Fried Egg's Andy Johnson on Public Golf, Pace of Play, and The Example the Pros Set!

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We talk a lot these days about pace of play and it's importance to the professional golf product. How it make pro golf more or less enjoyable to watch, whether there are steps that need to be taken to speed the game up, and a whole lot more.

The conversation that often gets lost on us all is how the pro game and the pace of play we see out there trickles down into lower competitive levels as well as just the recreational game. Today, Andy I and break down how what we see out on tour affects what we see in all levels of the game and why the pace of play conversation matters to all of us who are golfers. While it would be great to see PGATour rounds take 20% less time, what would really be awesome is to see recreational golfers have more ability to get a round in that doesn't take all day.

Andy I and come up with a few solutions/breakdown some of the common discussions around the pro game and what can be done out there, as well as raise a few points around the recreational game and how we can try to speed things up for the regular golfer through changing the narrative on spending money to spend time on a golf course as well as the level of respect golfers have for one another from a standpoint of holding people up on course.

All this, the DERT, and much more can be found in the episode today. As always, we appreciate you all joining in and look forward to hearing  your feedback through the links below:

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