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Mudball Monday 85-Quail Hollow. In Depth Course Analysis!

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Let's go ahead and get it out there. FAZ. It was a big week with the FAZ. That said, this episode is not meant to berating of Tommy Fazio and our less than favorable opinion of his architectural style. More so, we are here to talk about Quail as it pertains to competitive golf, as well as the architectural merits of the course.

Is Quail our favorite golf course in the world? Nope. Would we want to play it every day? No chance. Are there many things that could make it better. Yes. Hammer the yes. But, BUT, as a PGA Tour course, its pretty damn good. It asks the right questions of players and tests them actually the way you would hope a PGA Tour course would.

Strap in to hear our thoughts on QHC and let us know in the links below where you agree and where you don't!

- The Tie Guys




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