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James Ellis-Caird-Re-Wilding The Golfer

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Hello friends! James Ellis-Caird joins us today from the clubhouse Whitby Golf Club on the eastern coastline of the UK. 

James is a teacher focused on not only performance, but also enjoyment. The through-line of this podcast is his book, "The Uncorrupted Pleasure of an Old Bladed Putter" which we both reference often throughout the conversation. 

Some other topics we cover: 

  • Rewilding our landscapes
  • Movement as a daily practice- yoga, for example. 
  • Valuing our ingredients, in regard to food, golf, and our lives. 
  • Coaching - how to measure success as a coach
  • For the Beginner - the act of learning the game without becoming distracted by the unimportant
  • Golf as a means of preserving natural ecosystems
  • And as a companion through different phases in life. 

There are so many perspectives offered in our game. James' is one I enjoyed learning about and hope you will too. 

- The Tie Guys

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