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Ian Critser-Mackenzie Golf Bags

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Ian Critser joins us today from Beaverton, Oregon- a place he's called home for the last three years working for Mackenzie Golf Bags.

I always enjoy hearing stories from others who are young in their careers and have attached themselves to interesting businesses. Mackenzie, in that regard, is fascinating.

Mackenzie was a longstanding brand with a humble story. Nic Mulfler's (Owner) dad acquired the business when he was just out of college. They leveraged the brand loyalty that existed despite old practices and neglect, like "an ember in a fire we just had to keep alive"-- then built new systems around Mackenzie to give it life (again).

Eventually, this led to Ian's hire. Right place, right time, right intention, a healthy amount of trust-- all true. But it was Ian who put himself in position to be there for that opportunity, move across the country for it, and to take on a juggling role selling handmade golf bags to the most interesting customers golf has to offer.

We hope you enjoy this episode with Ian Critser.

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