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Micro-Cheating ... Do NOT do ANY of These Things in Your Marriage

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This type of cheating involves developing inappropriate and intimate connections outside your relationship. 

Micro-cheating is subtle and doesn’t involve physical intimacy. But the lies, secrecy, and betrayal that come with micro-cheating can destroy a relationship.

1.    Secretly messaging someone

2.    Meeting with someone without your partner knowing

3.    Being emotionally attached to someone that’s not your spouse

4.    Saying things like “if I weren’t married.”

5.    Maintaining contact with your _____________________

6.    ___________________ joking

7.    Creating a dating profile

8.    Trying to impress someone you have a crush on (Dressing up for them)

9.    Coming off as single when you aren’t

10. Sending someone photos of yourself

11. Having secret ____________________________-

12. Discussing your intimate desire with someone who isn’t your spouse

13. Following inappropriate accounts on social media

14. ___________________ with someone that’s not your spouse in person or by text

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