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How To Tell Your Spouse "I Love You" Without Actually Saying "I Love You"

Rewind 15 seconds
Fast Forward 15 seconds

Sometimes "I love you" sounds exactly like ... "I love you."

But other times, it sounds like...

  • Be careful.
  • Text me when you get there.
  • I was just thinking of you.
  • Remember that time we.....?
  • I miss you.
  • Love spending time with you.
  • Can I do something to help?
  • I'll be right there.
  • I'm worried about you.
  • I'm listening.
  • Yes, I have time.
  • I saw this and thought of you.
  • I know this is your favorite.
  • I want to hear all about it. 
  • Keeps mouth shut.
  • I'm so thankful for you.
  • I'll always love you, no matter what.
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