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Episode 27: The Whispering Willow Tree Reveals a Secret-Ep 26-27 Extended Version for Sleep

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Armani sighed, the last thing she needed at the moment was to go meet Jake. She had enough on her plate to also deal with his stuck-up self. She wondered if she would be able to go all by herself. Though Venus had warned that they should go with their partners, Armani felt the magic garden being within the school premises couldn’t be all that dangerous and decided she would be going alone.

The Letter:

Dearest Armani

It hurts me to break the news that Grandma Isabelle is very sick. She believes that she doesn't have much time with us anymore. It is her desire that she lays eyes on you once more before her passing. We have notified the Academy of Magical Arts, and they are willing to give you a few days off to come visit her. I know this is all too much for you right now, but it would be best for you to come say your goodbyes.

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