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Zeitgeist's The Spirit of the Time Episode 26: Tony Baxter Flight II

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Flight 26: How do you time travel to all of the milestone moments in Tony Baxter‘s nearly five-decade career in one hour?

You don’t.

Join us as we continue our journey with the most famous theme park and attraction designer in the world in a special two-hour adventure full of untold stories and infinite wisdom!

Passenger 25: Forty-seven-year Disney Imagineer, Disney Legend, Thea Lifetime Achievement recipient, and Main Street Window honoree responsible for creating some of Disney’s most beloved parks and attractions, Tony Baxter.   For nearly five decades, Tony Baxter has been the most famous theme park designer on earth. Starting as an ice cream scooper at Disneyland when he was 17, Tony moved north to WED Enterprises to join first generation Imagineers for the design of Epcot Center and to share his model for what became Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. Over the decades, Tony’s inspired intuition, artistic talents, endless creativity, and unequalled attention to detail allowed him to create more successful Disney attractions than any Imagineer before, including Disneyland Paris, Disneyland’s New Fantasyland, Indiana Jones & the Temple of the Forbidden Eye, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Splash Mountain, Star Tours, and Journey into Imagination. Plan now to journey back in time with our longtime colleague, friend, and mentor for what promises to be one of the most viewed Spirit of the Time Zoomcasts ever!


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