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Excursus on What is Left? What is Right? A Study of Political Extremism w/ W. Cleon Skousen, LL.B./FBI/BYU

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How should we define these terms "Left" and "Right" ? What do they, and what should they mean ? We take a break from our time with Professor Helmut Thielicke (Theology, Univ. Hamburg, Germany) to have an excursus on the topic that Thielicke raised and that we discussed here on The Republican Professor Podcast. And that topic is: What is Left ? What is Right ? A Study of Political Extremism, and our special guest on the podcast today is W. Cleon Skousen. Professor Skousen died before we were able to get him on the podcast in person. Professor Skousen joins us through his teaching in his pamphlet by the same name / title. My copy was originally published by the Freeman Institute in 1981 in Salt Lake City, Utah. I had a copy as a teenager that I read carefully when I was a high school student. I have since found another copy on Ebay, and if you can find a copy, I highly recommend purchasing it. We thank the Freeman Institute for making it available back then. Professor Skousen died before we were able to get him on the podcast in person. The Republican Professor Podcast is a pro-correctly-defining-Left-and-Right podcast. Therefore, welcome Professor W. Cleon Skousen ! The Republican Professor is produced and hosted by Dr. Lucas J. Mather, Ph.D. To financially support this podcast, comment on today's episode, or to make a suggestion for a topic or guest for the podcast or Substack newsletter, send an email to [email protected] . We'd love to hear from you. Warmly, Lucas J. Mather, Ph.D. The Republican Professor Podcast The Republican Professor Newsletter on Substack

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