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California's 10-Day Waiting Period and the Second Amendment with Senior District Court Judge Anthony Ishii (Clinton Appointee)

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Today, we have a Democrat on The Republican Professor podcast, Senior District Court Judge Anthony Ishii. Our topic is California's 10 day waiting period and the Second Amendment. Judge Ishii is an expert on that particular topic, because it was before him in 2014 in federal court in central California. Judge Ishii was appointed to the federal bench by President Bill Clinton. And to his great credit he gets the right answer for the right reasons here in this case called Silvester v. Harris, 41 F. Supp. 3d 927 (2014). The defendant in that case was the State of California, represented in her capacity as Attorney General by one Kamala Harris -- perhaps you've heard of her. Judge Ishii's correct judicial reasoning was overturned by the Democrat dominated 9th Circuit before President Trump was elected. They ignored his correct analysis in order to go back to the status quo, which was that the government can do whatever the H---- it wants to its citizens in the realm of firearm regulation, no matter how arbitrary and capricious. Judge Ishii had a problem with that regime, even as a California Democrat. So Judge Ishii joins us through his judicial writing, his findings of fact and judgment in a bench trial on the matter in Silvester v. Kamala Harris (2014). The Republican Professor is a pro-correctly-articulating-the-point-of-constitutional-law, pro-correcting-powerful-people-wrong-on-the-Second-Amendment podcast. Therefore, welcome Senior Judge Anthony Ishii ! The Republican Professor is produced and hosted by Dr. Lucas J. Mather, Ph.D.

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