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What Makes a Joke Offensive

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Dave Chappelle's new Netflix special "The Closer" unleashed a cultural firestorm over transgender comments. Is it offensive? What makes a joke offensive? Comedian Jeff Maurer joins to discuss.

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  • The Political Orphanage podcast

    WSPN: Omicron, Afghanistan, and Antiwork


    The World's Smartest Podcast Network returns for a roundtable discussion about: * What the hell is happening with Covid now? * What the hell are we supposed to do about Afghanistan? * Reddit's infamous r/AntiWork * Elizabeth Holmes vs Ghislaine Maxwell
  • The Political Orphanage podcast

    If Aliens Landed Tomorrow


    I've got a new book! "Inappropriately Human: 21 Short Stories." An anthology of funny and/or scifi pieces from yours truly.   Available at or on Amazon, or by shoplifting.   To kick things off, I'm reading one of the stories therein: The Grammy for Best Alien Performance." Enjoy!
  • The Political Orphanage podcast

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  • The Political Orphanage podcast

    ALL the Immigrants! All of 'em!


    Bryan Caplan favors open borders--the idea that the United States should allow unlimited immigration into the country (save for disqualifying criminals or disease). He is an economist at George Mason University, and joins the show to discuss the humanitarian and economic case for open borders. "Open Borders: The Science And Ethics of Immigration"   JOIN THE ORPHANAGE:  
  • The Political Orphanage podcast

    White House Spy Protocols (and Cooking)


    Marty Mongiello is a former White House Chef and GM at Camp David, and joins the show to discuss what it's like working inside of the White House, and the astonishing amount of counter intelligence operations staff must deal with. Heaton's personal tailor, Nita Fashions: [email protected] Chef Marty's cooking class: My forthcoming book launch and reading will be at Cosmic Coffee in Austin, TX at 4:00 PM on Saturday, January 15th. See you then!
  • The Political Orphanage podcast

    A Rather Snuffy's Christmas


    Hark! A Christmas special! Sponsored by a horse-themed diner. Contains swearing. Please enjoy this fourth Snuffy's Christmas, and go easy on the horsenog.  "A Grander Snuffy's Christmas"  "Another Snuffy's Christmas" "A Very Snuffy's Christmas"
  • The Political Orphanage podcast

    Bonus: Let's Have an Uncomfortable Gender Conversation


    Released from behind the paywall: Dr. Andrea Jones-Rooy joins to talk about the nature of gender, and what it's like for people who don't easily fit into the existing boxes. Join the Orphanage!
  • The Political Orphanage podcast

    The Enemies Of How We Know Stuff


    Jonathan Rauch is the author of “The Constitution of Knowledge: A Defense of Truth.” He joins the show to talk about separating good ideas from bad ideas, and how their restriction leads to a dumber and dangerous society.  The Constitution of Knowledge: Nita Fashions: 
  • The Political Orphanage podcast

    Amusing Ourselves to Death


    Neil Postman postulated that society avoided the totalitarian nightmares of George Orwell, only to embrace the frivolous idiocy of Aldous Huxley. His book “Amusing Ourselves to Death: Public Discourse in the Age of Show Business” questions the effects of television and infotainment on politics and culture. Andrew Young and Justin Robert Young join to discuss. New history podcast: Losers, Pretenders & Scoundrels Nita Fashions:
  • The Political Orphanage podcast

    Stadium Subsidies Are Unfathomably Stupid


    John Mozena is an expert on crony capitalism, better known as “economic development subsidies.” He is the President of the Center for Economic Accountability, and joins to discuss the abysmal economics of throwing money at corporations to attract them to states and towns.  Reason TV’s Amazon HQ: Mostly Weekly: Stop Subsidizing Sports!
  • The Political Orphanage podcast

    How War Shapes Us


    Margaret MacMillan is a war historian, and the author of “War: How It Shaped Us.” She joins the show to discuss the nature of war, its history, what precipitates conflict, and how to avert it. Join the orphanage at: Tips: Venmo: andrew-heaton-1 PayPal: [email protected]

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