The Mothering Myself Podcast podcast

The Mothering Myself Podcast

Susan Kinahan

Episodes for parents and future parents to explore all things conscious parenting, human development, spirituality, and our personal evolution. Together, we are expanding our awareness to elevate our world. Here, you will find the soul support you crave in the sometimes lonely experience of parenthood. We learn to trust ourselves and validate our inner-knowing, while we remember that parenting (our children and ourselves) is a practice.

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  • The Mothering Myself Podcast podcast

    #69 Make it a practice to protect your peace


    It has never been more important to make it a practice to protect your peace. Join us in this episode as we consider what peace means to us each, how to find our way to an experience of 'peace', how to honor our Selves when we feel something that doesn't make sense to those around us, and how to trust our knowing of what it is we need to protect our energy and our peace. Together, we remember that supporting ourselves is the first step in supporting others in our life and that it is most important to know what feels good for ourselves rather than to follow the advice of anyone who thinks they know best. You already have your answers within you - the practice is to remember how to tune in to what it is you need right now. When you tune into what you need right now, you begin to learn how to protect your peace. JOIN ME IN DALLAS NOV 5-7 AT THE NEXT CONSCIOUS LEADER LIVE  Check out the episode mentioned from last fall: Leading our families through transformational times with Natalie Ehmka INSTAGRAM | FACEBOOK | WEBSITE  
  • The Mothering Myself Podcast podcast

    #68 Parenting survival tips for fall


    Join Susan as she shares her current medicine. This is not your preachy, 'how to' podcast. This week, we are sitting together in the uncertainty and the ebbs and flows that are coming this fall, and considering how we can support ourselves through the entirety of our experience as a parent, partner and individual. In this episode we speak to how our expectations, attachments, and energy can take us out of our power center and can potentially create more anxiety, fear, and inability to move forward. Susan shares her current experience, provides questions to ask yourself, and her thoughts on how we can support ourselves right now, or when you feel you need some extra support. Join our community on Instagram
  • The Mothering Myself Podcast podcast

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  • The Mothering Myself Podcast podcast

    #67 Befriending our triggers


    Join Susan this week as we check in with ourselves and acknowledge how it is we are feeling as we navigate more collective uncertainty. In this episode, we get curious about what we are reacting to with love. As we consider what is coming up, we allow ourselves to go deeper to understand what might be lying beneath our awareness.  This episode will support you in sitting in the discomfort of this moment without judgment. You are encouraged to come as you are no matter what. We are reminded that we are always enough in the moment that we are in. We remember to search for love in the spaces within ourselves that we have learned to reject. Join our community on Instagram. Connect with Susan Download Free Daily Journal  
  • The Mothering Myself Podcast podcast

    #66 Meeting + trusting our partners as co-parents


    In this episode we are validating the experience we have from knowing another as a partner, to learning about our partner as a parent. (Parter describing whoever we are co-parenting with at any point in our child's journey). We discuss all that comes up as we bring a child into the world, or raise the child that finds us, with another person. We hold space for the human feelings and reactions to our experiences with the other parent that are magnified as a child enters our lives, while honoring the soul journey and soul contracts that we have with one another as we learn more about ourselves through the relationships we experience. Join Susan as we unpack the "ideal" family experience and find trust in whatever we're going through as we look deeper within ourselves and learn how to honor our own journey so that we can honor our child's soul journey, while also allowing our human feels.  Share what resonates. Coaching with Susan. Join the Transformative Mothering movement on Instagram.
  • The Mothering Myself Podcast podcast

    #65 Your children are cheering you on


    Join Susan this week as we lean into the Lion's Gate energies propelling us forward at this time. This episode asks us to reflect on our intentions and consider how we are using, and where we are placing, our energy. Throughout this episode we tune in to the collective shedding, healing, and choices we are making to evolve our experience, especially as mothers, parents and primary caregivers. We are reminded that the juiciness is in the messiness, and nothing changes if nothing changes. Susan reminds us that our children want the best for us, and are cheering us on in the physical and in the other realms. You are worthy and deserving to live a life that you love. What are you choosing? Let us know what resonates Join our Instagram community Coaching with Susan Get our free daily journal
  • The Mothering Myself Podcast podcast

    #64 The transformational energy of hair w/Mora Steele


    Tune in to this magical conversation chatting all things human transformation, self-acceptance, and permission to make space for ourselves with High Vibe Hair Stylist and Transformational Energy Coach, Mora Steele. We are mothered by Mora as she holds space for us to consider how our desire for outer transformation mimics the inner shifts that are happening in our lives. We discuss "the call" to get our hair drastically altered, to the fears that arise when we witness our hair falling out. We consider the attachment to our hair and our children's hair, and the commemorative first hair cut of our child. Mora gives us clues to how we can communicate with our hair and the wisdom that our hair holds for us throughout the stages of our life. We open up to how we can make space for ourselves and practice the energy of receiving. We remember that taking care of ourselves is a sacred act and we discuss how we can become intentional in all aspects of our self-care. And, we learn how our hair is always feeding off of our energy in any moment. Find Mora Join the Transformative Mothering Movement on Instagram Connect with Susan Get your *free* Daily Journal
  • The Mothering Myself Podcast podcast

    #63 Unpacking the divine journey with our siblings


    In this episode, we chat about the soul contracts we have with our siblings to support the foundational experience we have of ourselves in this life. We discuss soul ages, various soul choices and contracts that exist within the family to support individual soul lessons, and we assess what support looks like, feels like, and how we may judge what supports us the most. Regardless of our current relationship with our siblings, our siblings play a significant role in creating our initial interpretation of ourselves through witnessing their life curriculum as a developing human, and in relation to our parents and ourselves.  The contrast and/or similarities that our siblings' lives provide allows us to see more of ourselves, and find more love for our unique place within our family. We remember that what we experienced, has brought us to the awareness we hold now because of everything. Let us know what resonates. Coaching with Susan. Join the Transformative Mothering movement on Instagram.  
  • The Mothering Myself Podcast podcast

    #62 Celebrating and honoring our birth


    Join Susan as she shares her birthday reflections, honoring us all in our choice to experience ourselves in human form navigating all of life's contrast. In this episode we chat about our choices to dig out the energetic roots that keep us stuck, and the weeds that continue to appear to remind us to continue to choose ourselves and honor where we are in any moment, no matter what. As we honor our experiences, Susan shares a difficult moment with her two year old that brought up her own experience as both a daughter and current parent.  We unpack emotions entangled in sticky expectations of how our children 'should' receive us and our entitlement regarding our children's choices, while feeling more compassion for our parents and our experience as a child. We allow ourselves to see the roots as they are, and honor the choice to feel everything as we dig out what no longer serves as we choose to look at our fears, so that we can find more love and acceptance for all that we are, as we are. Join us on Instagram. Coaching with Susan. Get your free daily journal.
  • The Mothering Myself Podcast podcast

    #61 A new perspective on our familial inheritance


    What do you want to leave your child? In this episode, Susan speaks to the dynamic and on-going nature of our inheritance being so much more than what material assets/debt we leave our children with at the end of life.  This conversation invites us to consider how our inheritance begins generationally and we contemplate the energetic, emotional, cognitive, behavioral, and relational layers of what has been passed down. We invite ourselves on a journey from our forgetfulness to our remembrance and we find ourselves flipping the conversation from what we desire to leave our children, to what are we inheriting from our children with their birth. This episode asks us to examine our relationship with trusting ourselves and our lives. We are pushed to expand our perspective to consider that our journey is to inherit the wisdom of our own soul that exists beyond whatever layers of forgetfulness we have inherited when entering the human body and knowing and understanding ourselves through the mirror of our family.  Let us know what resonates. Join the Transformative Mothering Movement on Instagram. Coaching with Susan. Get the *free* daily journal.
  • The Mothering Myself Podcast podcast

    #60 How souls enter the world in the 21st century


    In this episode, we are expanding our perspective of conception. Susan speaks to our journey into parenthood as we collectively come into greater awareness and experience a higher level of consciousness as we invite our children into the Earth. We consider the metaphysical experience that birth is as we allow ourselves to consider how souls tap our awareness to support their entrance into our lives. We consider how the soul of our child and the soul that we are support one another to experience ourselves as we are in human form, with our own life curriculums. We ponder the journey and the lessons that are for us as we find our way into parenthood, while we honor the support that exists beyond this three dimensional paradigm.  We speak about how we are parenting our children in the age of remembrance where our children's brightness illuminates the darkness we hadn't yet been able to see. Listen as Susan shares her own experiences having had both her children tap her awareness and realign her life before they were conceived.  We hear (and feel) the truth that goes beyond what we have been told about our journey into parenthood. Let us know what resonates. Join the Transformative Mothering Movement on Instagram. Coaching with Susan. Get your *free* daily journal.

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