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The Momentum Advisors centers on personal financial advice, information on entrepreneurship and insight into how you can build a successful financial legacy for yourself––and your community. Allan & Tiffany spend their days advising listeners on how to build and manage their wealth. Find them at

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  • The Momentum Advisors Show podcast

    49: Financial Warning Signs


    A recent financial study finds that 75% of all Americans are living paycheck-to-paycheck and have little or nothing in the way of emergency savings. How did we get here? Well, we guarantee you there were probably a variety of warning signs before things got so strapped. On this episode we are identifying these warning signs so that you can address these financial problems before they get any worse.
  • The Momentum Advisors Show podcast

    48: Financial Predators


    On this episode, we call out what we consider to be financial predators. The bad guys and villains that are stealing money from right under our eyes. Don't take it personal, because almost all of us have used at one of these financial predators at least once in life. 
  • The Momentum Advisors Show podcast

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  • The Momentum Advisors Show podcast

    47: Make Sure Your Parents Are Straight


    If you don’t take the time to get your parents financial profile in order, it could put their finances in jeopardy--and ultimately yours! Over 15% of middle-aged adults are providing financial support to both an aging parent and a child, at the same time. For African-Americans, more than half find themselves unexpectedly "sandwiched" between caring for an older person and a child under the age of 18. This episode focuses on how to get your parents finances in order to ensure they can age gracefully and independently. We highlight specific conversations and topics you need to have with them to make sure all bases are covered under any circumstance. 
  • The Momentum Advisors Show podcast

    46: Save the World While Saving Money


    While our expertise is in wealth management, personal finance and entrepreneurship, we do know that climate change is a very real thing. And not only will it have an impact on the environment but it can also deep impact on your wallet. On this episode we talk about the ramifications climate change can have on your bank account; as well as, ways to save money while also saving the environment.
  • The Momentum Advisors Show podcast

    45: FIRE (Financially Independent & Retiring Early)


    According to a recent Gallup poll, the average expected retirement age is 66. Thirty years ago, the average American projected retiring at age 60. What does this mean? On average, Americans are expected to work longer and retire later in life--or maybe not! There is a new Millennial movement called "F.I.R.E.", Financially Independent and Retiring Early. How early? 20 - 30 years early! It's not easy but it's very possible and on this episode we are discussing how to adopt this way of life to retire in your 30s or 40s.
  • The Momentum Advisors Show podcast

    44: How to Buy a Business


    We just bought a new business together last month and what we have realized is that most of the advice we give is only on building a brand new business. But what about buying one? On this episode we give you all the steps on how to buy an existing business and give you a little insight into our recent purchase.
  • The Momentum Advisors Show podcast

    43: Adulting 101 & Your Financial Glossary


    Are you tired of being lost in financial conversations? Are you feeling left behind in your attempt at "financial adulting"? No worries! On this episode we break down basic concepts and key words every adult must master to build wealth and be financially responsible. 
  • The Momentum Advisors Show podcast

    42: The Wealth Gap of the Middle Class


    Keeping liquid savings on hand in case of an emergency is one area where Americans of all income brackets are falling short--especially the "middle class." But what is this middle class? Is it defined by a salary range, household income or aspirational possessions? And is being in the "middle class" all it's chalked up to be? On this episode we answer all these questions while addressing the wealth gap of the middle class and how to thrive in it.
  • The Momentum Advisors Show podcast

    41: Can I Borrow a Dollar?


    No matter how much you earn, "getting by" is still a struggle for most people. 78% of full-time U.S. workers say they are living check-to-check and 56% say they are in over their heads with debt. Even those making over six figures say they struggle to make ends meet with with nearly in 10 of those making $100k+ living paycheck-to-paycheck. So what does all of this mean? It means that we are all accustomed to borrowing money and taking out loans at some point in our adult lives. This episode talks about how to do it--and when to not do it at all.
  • The Momentum Advisors Show podcast

    40: DIY Estate Planning


    We recently did two episodes on estate planning: “Estate Planning” and “Trust Fund Babies.” This week's show focuses on giving you the the do-it-yourself (DIY) version. We are highlighting ways to get your entire estate plan done for little or no money whatsoever--and that's with or without the help of a lawyer. We hope that by eliminating all of the financial obstacles and making estate planning super simple there will be nothing stopping you from getting yours done today.

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