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Ep. 1167 - Libs Blame Historic Surge Of Illegal Aliens On Republicans

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Click here to join the member exclusive portion of my show: Democrats blame the historic surge in illegal border crossings on Republicans, the World Economic Forum pushes a four-day workweek for the elite, and a new study shows it’s probably not great to pump little kids full of puberty blockers. - - -  DailyWire+: Use code DONOTCOMPLY to get 40% OFF new annual DailyWire+ membership plans: Get your Michael Knowles merch here:   - - -  Today’s Sponsors: PureTalk - Get 50% off your first month with promo code ‘KNOWLES’’ - - - Socials: Follow on Twitter:  Follow on Instagram:  Follow on Facebook:  Subscribe on YouTube: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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