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Ep. 1162 - The CDC & FDA Float A Wild mRNA "Stroke" Conspiracy Theory

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Click here to join the member exclusive portion of my show: The CDC and the FDA admit that the “Fauci Ouchi” from Pfizer might be linked to strokes, the “gold standard” evidence for transing the kids has just collapsed under the weight of a new scientific study, and a statue in Boston for Martin Luther King Jr. does real disrespect to Dr. King. - - -  DailyWire+: Use code DO NOT COMPLY to get 40% OFF new annual DailyWire+ membership plans: Get your Michael Knowles merch here:   - - -  Today’s Sponsors: 4Patriots - Get 10% OFF with code 'KNOWLES' at - - - Socials: Follow on Twitter:  Follow on Instagram:  Follow on Facebook:  Subscribe on YouTube: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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