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Ep. 1056 - Epstein Didn't Fund Himself

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Saudi Arabia figures out how to cram nine million people into a giant wall, the State Department was apparently Jeffrey Epstein’s landlord in Manhattan, and Portland residents break down over the filth and crime. Become a DailyWire+ member today to access Matt Walsh’s documentary “What Is A Woman”, movies, shows, and more:  — Today’s Sponsors: $10 OFF orders over $50, OR $20 OFF orders over $100 Promo Code 'KNOWLES20’  Stop funding woke corporate agendas. Switch to PureTalk instead. Save 50% OFF your 1st month when you enter promo code KNOWLESPODCAST at  PragerU Kids offers what’s no longer being taught or celebrated in schools – American values and history. Visit today! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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