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Ep. 1031 - Burning Coal To Keep Lib Pipe Dreams Alive

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Germany restarts the coal plants it just closed, the lesbian Lightyear movie flops, and Michael celebrates Juneteenth through Junetyfirst. Watch our Summer blockbuster “Terror on the Prairie” with Gina Carano:   Watch Matt Walsh’s new Daily Wire original documentary “What Is A Woman?” at, and pick up your copy of the “What Is A Woman?” book here:     Join us for Backstage Live At The Ryman on June 29th. Get your tickets now:  — Today’s Sponsors: With an Alto Crypto IRA, you can trade crypto like Bitcoin, and avoid or defer the taxes. Open your Alto CryptoIRA account for as little as $10 at Helix Mattresses are made to match your unique sleep preferences. Go to and get up to $200 OFF + 2 FREE pillows with all mattress orders! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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