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Ep. 1025 - Groomers Transing Kids Reached A Whole New Level

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Nancy Pelosi claims that transvestitism is what America is all about, Fox News encourages parents to trans their kids, and Trudeau bans guns for self-defense in Canada. Join us tomorrow, June 14th, at 9pm ET for the world premiere of our Summer blockbuster “Terror on the Prairie”:    Watch Matt Walsh’s new Daily Wire original documentary “What Is A Woman?” at  Join Michael and the Daily Wire for Backstage Live At The Ryman on June 29th. Get your tickets now: — Today’s Sponsors: Allform provides high quality modular sofas designed for real life. Visit for 20% off all orders.  Use Promo Code 'KNOWLES' at for 10% off your will. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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