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Ep. 1000 - Are Libs Trying To Get Justices Killed?

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The libs send angry mobs to the conservative Supreme Court justices’ homes, two universities officially condemn Michael for saying boys aren’t girls, and the FDA pulls the plug on emergency use of a COVID vaccine. Join the Daily Wire and get 20% off your membership with code KNOWLES: In honor of my 1000th episode, get 25% off my merch line with code KNOWLES1000: — Today’s Sponsors: Protect your online privacy with ExpressVPN. Visit for 3 Months FREE. Masterworks's revolutionary tech platform lets you invest in fine art via shares. Go to for VIP access! One More Wave uses Surf Therapy to help veterans stay active, engaged, and connected. Help fund 10 new surf therapy grants by going to 1MWAVE.COM/DailyWire and sign up to become a monthly sustaining donor. Stop funding woke corporate agendas. Switch to PureTalk instead. Get unlimited talk, text, PLUS 2 gigs of data for just $20 a month + 50% off your first month! Dial #250 and say keyword "Michael Knowles." Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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