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Tim Lodgen | 2 Years Sober, Coping With Family Sexual Trauma, Creating Boundaries & Being Of Service

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Why did Jason LaChance want to talk with Tim Lodgen for a second time? Both he and Tim have celebrated their2 year sober birthday/anniversary within a few weeks of one another. Tim shares many of the positives that two years of sobriety have brought him. It has not been easy and recently a terrible trauma within the family has come to light that all of Tim and his wife's daughters were victims of molestation by a family member. Tim has clung to his loved ones, and sober community during these times as his sobriety has been tested. He shares how the family is getting through these difficult times with the aid of therapy and community. This is Tim Lodgen Knockin' Doorz Down. Listen to and Subscribe to the podcast wherever you listen for more Celebrities, everyday folks, and expert conversations at © 2023 by KDD Media Company. All rights reserved. #TimLodgen #BrandonNovak #SoberPosse For 51FIFTY use the discount code KDD20 for 20% off! For more information on Carlos Vieira's autobiography Knockin' Doorz Down, the Carlos Vieira Foundation, the Race 2B Drug-Free, Race to End the Stigma, and Race For Autism programs visit: For more on Tim Lodgen Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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