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Clayton English & Greg Glod | The War On Drugs & Addiction A Mental Health Issue Not Judicial

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Why did I want to talk with Clayton English and Greg Glod? They're the hosts of The War on Drugs Podcast. Clayton English is an award-winning comedian who took home the win on Last Comic Standing, and Greg Glod, a Criminal Justice Fellow for Americans for Prosperity. We talk about everything from addiction being a mental health issue and not a judicial issue, the racial stereotypes associated with certain illegal drugs, and the criminal penalties as well. As well we discuss the personal reasons why they wanted to do the podcast, plus we find a way to have a lot of laughs. Lava for Good’s The War on Drugs examines the actual cost of five decades of policy, policing, and persecution. The War on Drugs was never really about drugs; it was about control, and the series aims to expose this, shining a spotlight on how this so-called “war” impacts every aspect of our lives in ways both seen and unseen. The podcast will explore the politicization of public health policy; systemic racism and classism in the legislation and administration of criminal law; and how decriminalization and other alternatives could bring this fruitless “war” to an end. This is Clayton English and Greg Glod Knockin' Doorz Down. To subscribe to the audio form of the podcast, and follow Knockin' Doorz Down on social media go to For 51FIFTY use the discount code KDD20 for 20% off! For more information on Carlos Vieira's autobiography Knockin' Doorz Down, the Carlos Vieira Foundation, the Race 2B Drug-Free, Race to End the Stigma, and Race For Autism programs visit: For more on The War On Drugs Podcast, Clayton English And Greg Glod   Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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