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From Hip-Hop Beats to EDM Feats: Keldamuzik, Recording Artist

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Keldamuzik: Critically Acclaimed Recording Artist / Actor / Host (The Hodges)

Step into the kaleidoscopic world of music with Keldamuzik, hip-hop artist turned EDM dynamo, as she shares her journey on shifting soundscapes in our latest podcast episode. The conversation with Kelda is an illuminating ride through the realms of creativity, as she spills the secrets behind her artistic evolution and the deep influences that propel her forward. From her homage to Michael Jackson to the fluidity of blending rap with spoken word, Kelda's narrative is a testament to the power of genre fusion and its impact on the creative soul.

Join us in the intimate corners of the recording studio, where Kelda opens up about the rituals and mindset that guide her in laying down tracks with precision and passion. She swears by the calming effects of kava tea—a little-known studio companion—and the spontaneity of perfecting ad-libs in a single take. As we peek behind the curtain, Kelda gives us a front-row seat to the artist-engineer synergy, the stringent mix and mastering process, and how she ensures her music emerges with a professional sheen, ready to hit the airwaves.

We round out our session with a dive into the maze of social media marketing and personal branding, where Kelda leads by example with her hands-on approach to fan interactions. From acknowledging birthday wishes to handling the whirlwind of messages, her online presence is as dynamic as her music. We even explore her latest entrepreneurial leap into fashion, launching her exclusive beret line, and her adventures on the set of "The Hodges." Kelda's story is a mosaic of creativity, with each tile—a song, a fashion statement, an on-screen role—revealing a larger portrait of an artist in constant motion.

Show Information

  • Host: Jay Franze
  • Guest: Keldamuzik
  • Recorded: April 22, 2024


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