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Of Tips and Triathlons

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Jessica and Zac discuss a question submitted on the website regarding tipping and some of the pushback businesses have felt in this day and age. Also, Jessica shares about her history (and future?) of racing in triathlons as her and Zac dive into how they make time to be active while operating a growing coffee company.��

Today's episode is fueled by our parter-sponsor The Evansville Coffee Co. With a new team being formed, new roasters being built, and a new location under construction, it's an exciting time for the newly rebranded local coffee roastery. The team recently collaborated with this show's production partner, Wally Opus Records (of Evansville, IN), to create the Perfectly Imperfect Blend, a light roast hand-picked by the team of Wally Opus. Check out the complete line of delicious options at

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0:13 - Tipping gone too far?

15:20 - Commercial break.

16:25 - Making time for exercise.

28:24 - Closing credits.

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