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Well-Read Black Girl: Finding Connection Through Community

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Sharing a special preview of Pushkin's newest show, Well-Read Black Girl. Glory Edim started a book club called Well-Read Black Girl in 2015, and since then it's exploded into a passionate, worldwide reading community. She aims to amplify the voices of BIPOC writers and celebrate their literary achievements, using the power of conversation to help her members to connect with each other and grow as people.  Social connection is a topic we talk about a lot on The Happiness Lab. There’s lots of evidence that community and social connections are key ingredients for our well-being. The Well-Read Black Girl community embodies this spirit perfectly— group members share their experiences about their favorite writers and express their admiration so beautifully. On the Well-Read Black Girl podcast, Glory has deep, honest conversations with authors of color about the art, craft and power of the written word. You'll hear from luminaries like Tarana Burke, Gabrielle Union, Anita Hill, and more, about how they found their voice, honed their craft, navigated the wild world of publishing, and showed up in the world. We hope listening to this clip will give you a little boost of positive emotion and community.  You can listen to more episodes of Well-Read Black Girl at Learn more about your ad-choices at See for privacy information.

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